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  1. Try this site http://www.infofrankrijk.com/pagina/Televisie+en+radio/506/ . Very useful and friendly.
  2. I have used MS Security Essentials since about two years, I think. I started because I had had troubles with AVG. At that time MS Sec. Ess. was tested to be both very good and to have a very small impact on the computers it is used on, ie scanning etc. doesn't slow your pc down too much. I recently read though that the package has slipped down to an almost bottom position in recent tests. I wanted to put a link to the article, but cannot find it again. I will stick to MS Security Essentials: years of reading tests on this sort of thing have taught me that no package stays at the top all the time. I have had no trouble, but then I don't visit risky websites, and it is true that the programme does its job quietle in the background without slowing down the machine. This is very important to me.
  3. Wow! Thank you very much. Very useful again. The picture shows clearly the turn should indeed be very slightly. In another couple of weeks we will be trying all this out.
  4. One more thing, please. You write: "he LNB (the sticking-out bit on the dish) to be vertical, for the Astra satellites, housing the English-language channels, it needs to be set at a slight skew". Which way? Could you perhaps express it in clock-language, i.e ten to two or something?  Or is it a matter of fiddling around a bit?
  5. Very useful information, thank you all! We are not interested in HD. Will we be alright with our old tube-type telly, a decoder and a dish?
  6. Thanks very much, Will. We are in the Provence, so we'll need a biggish dish, I guess.
  7. Thank you both for very quick replies! We don't necessarily want Sky, just as long as we can receive the major BBC channels. Some ITV would be nice as well, but is not essential. Would we need a freestat decoder for that? PS I understand no names can be given, but I don't even have a clue as to what sort of shop to go to for a dish and decoder...
  8. The message in the Faq about "TV in France" was posted 20/05/2004. Is it still up to date? It says: "...while there are several companies that will supply and install Sky systems overseas, and provide subscriptions to Sky..." Can these companies be named, please? We currently receive  only French channels via an old fashioned "fork  aerial" but will be using the switch to digital to upgrade to a dish so that we can receive the Beeb as well, but I have not a clue as where to buy the necessary equipment. All help much appreciated!
  9. [quote user="Gastines"] A joint current account as Mr AND Mrs will be frozen on the death of either partner, whereas an account in Mr OR Mrs can be used by remaining partner. [/quote] Is this correct? It does not seem at all logical. We have a joint account so that we both have access. If we'd wanted the other half not to have access we would have taken two accounts in our separate names. Why would after the death of one partner precisely the opposite happen to what we wished? Edit: I had not seen the OR and AND. Makes sense now.
  10. [quote user="woody234"]do the dutch pay more for a house than the french or germans [/quote]I doubt it. It is repeatedly stated on this forum that the Dutch are a mean people;-)
  11. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"]You are going the right way but one word of warning.  Don't rely on WEP keys anymore. [/quote] I used WPA encryption on my new Windows XP system and couldn't understand why my husbands old laptop with Win ME wouldn't connect. After a lot of Googling and mailing to helpdesks I found that Win ME can only handle WEP encryption. Just mentioning it to save people with Win ME the trouble I went through.
  12. [quote user="james_robins"] with regards to work, most of what i do is on the internet and i will be doing this in france, as well as freelance web design [/quote] In that case, make sure you'll have proper internet access. Not all villages are connected and not all connections are reliable.
  13. [quote user="Clair"]Lyre is the keyword, it gives the name of the handle shape [/quote] Thank you!
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