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  1. hi all, i am heading over to look at properties in north dordogne next week and was wondering if there was much to do for a 23 year old living in the area. i am currently living in edinburgh and have lived in wellington and sydney previously so am fairly used to city life. having said that, i did spend last year living in umbria in italy and really enjoyed it, although i met a lot of locals my age through friends i worked with. i am going to be mainly working from home and so will have to meet people without the benefit of meeting locals through a job. do the locals move off to larger cities to live and work after school or stay around where they grew up? are there any other people who have moved over to france under 25 for a lifestyle change that have first hand experience or anyone with views on the matter? hope to hear from you, regards james
  2. thanks to all again, a wealth of information and so good to hear personal opinions and experiences. i am going to be coming out next week, wednesday to saturday so that i will have all day thursday and friday and some of saturday to get around the region. flying into bergerac, pick up hire car and up to perigueux and then seeing properties. fingers crossed, i am hoping to find somewhere to start the buying process, but will get over it if i need to come back several more times to find the perfect place. does anyone living in 24 have a good agent that deals with english speaking clients but does not overcharge that i can email to arrange viewings with? cheers again, james
  3. hello again, i am going to be booking my flight out to view some properties and would like to be there by the end of the month. i am planning on coming out on a tuesday morning and flying back on thursday night, not ideal as it is a short visit, but as a minimum, will this give me enough time to see places? i am hoping to meet with a local agent from latitudes to see a number of properties i am interested in and i guess will be with them all day on wednesday. has anyone dealt with latitudes as i have spoken to their england office and they seem to be verey helpful and have a number of agencys listed with them so a lot of properties. i have narrowed down the areas i am looking at so that bascially, anywhere within the triangle formed by bergerac, limoges and brive is where i am looking for property. would basing myself in or around perigueux be a good idea? i can get flights into bergerac or at a push bordeaux and then get a hire car to get over that area and see the places. all very exciting stuff but such a hassle trying to organise it all, but i am sure it will definately be worth it once i find that perfect place. regards james
  4. thanks for the tip Adriana, do you know if there is anyway to check online with the service providers if you enter the french equivalent to a post or zip code? also, what are the locals views to expats moving into the region? i really enjoyed mixing and meeting with locals when i lived in italy but have heard that sometimes the french can be anti english or american. although i would like a property slightly out of a village, i would still enjoy being part of a local community and meeting people there. how have you all found this to be? james
  5. hi all, thanks for all your suggestions. indeed kathy, i have managed to find a couple of properties for around 80k that look great. i am now looking at the earliest dates i can come out to see them, hopefully later this month or in early july. with regards to work, most of what i do is on the internet and i will be doing this in france, as well as freelance web design so i do not need to find a job in the area as my uk company will continue to pay me. whilst in italy, i managed to pick up the language by just interating with the local community and also found it a great way to meet people. i think with the latin roots and the fact i have learnt one language from scratch should help me, and the fact i dont need to be perfect from day one for work will help too. just going to look through all the property sites listed and will get back to you with where i get to. cheers again, james
  6. Hi all, I have been reading through lots of posts here and very pleased to see so much information on all things French. I am currently living in Edinburgh and am planning on moving to France by October or November this year. I have no definate preferance of locations in France i would move to, but have done a search on areas served by flights from Edinburgh and arrived at the South West, with Bergerac airport a direct flight away, and then options to go to Bordeaux, Limoges and the new airport in Brive to open next year. Another reason i am looking at this area is price of properties. I am looking for something around £70-80k that is basically habitable but needs interior work. I have spoken with VEF about a couple of properties that are of interest, but was wondering if anyone in the region knew of any other local or UK agents to consider. I am planning on flying out for a few days next month so would also be keen to meet up with anyone for a coffee and to hear of how you managed to get everything organised for a move to France. I am 23 and have lived in Italy for a year and loved the experience, but am now looking to settle down in a new area and really get to know the language and culture. Hope to hear from you soon, James
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