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  1. Has anyone bought or know the name of this product in France?
  2. There is no problem in giving out account details - what are people going to do with them? the details are next to useless by themselves - a quick google brings back these results - all with bank details listed, the last noe is a currency exchange company, so if there was a problem or a way into accounts through these details their details would be a good place to start http://www.baas.ac.uk/administration/standordform.asp http://www.active24.co.uk/contact/ http://www.workpermit.com/alternative_payments.htm http://www.fxcm.co.uk/deposit-funds.htm
  3. If you have AVG installed update the virus database You need to sort this virus out, first read this: http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/backdoor.ryejet.html  and then do a complete scan with your Anti Virus software (AVG)
  4. DateDayUnited KingdomFranceJanuary 1stSaturdayNew Years DayJour de l’anJanuary 3rdMondayBank Holiday March 25thFridayGood Friday  March 27thSundayEaster SundayEaster SundayMarch 28th Monday Easter Bank Holiday Lundi de Pâques May 1stSunday Labour Day/Fêtes du TravailMay 2ndMondayMay Day May 5thThursday Ascension DayMay 8thSunday Victory Day/Armistice 1945May 15thSundaySpring Bank HolidayWhitsun/PentecôteMay 16thMondayBank HolidayWhit MondayMay 30thMondayBank Holiday July 14thThursday Bastille Day/Fête NationalAugust 15thMonday Assumption Day / AssomptionAugust 29thMondayAugust Bank Holiday November 1stTuesday All Saints Day/ToussaintNovember 11thFridayRemembrance DayArmistice 1918December 25thSundayChristmas DayNoëlDecember 26thMondayBoxing day holiday December 27thTuesdayBank holiday *in lieu of Christmas day being on Sunday Jour férié
  5. In english this would be the motherboard The "heart" of your PC -- it handles system resources (IRQ lines, DMA channels, I/O locations), as well as core components like the CPU, and all system memory. It accepts expansion devices such as sound and network cards, and modems. www.ontrack.com/glossary/ The main printed circuit board in a computer that carries the system buses. It is equipped with sockets to which all processors, memory modules, plug-in cards, daughterboards, or peripheral devices are connected. www.crucial.com/library/glossary.asp The printed circuit board that is the foundation of the computer. This board contains a computer's CPU, RAM chips and expansion slots. The motherboard is where all of the computer's compenents meet.* www.itc.virginia.edu/survival/reference/unit4term.htm 
  6. Hi Bob, message in your inbox re: car hire limoges airport  
  7. 600,000 euros? We have 2 listed, one at 1.4 million and one at 2.6 mil - not sure you are going to find one at 600k
  8. All the major operators require 1 year minimum - also remember that the hire company will require a credit card to hire the car - not a debit card, and it should be in the drivers name. If you need anymore info on specific locations contact me
  9. For sale section - good idea - I want to sell a car but cant list it in the forum - would I really want to put it in the magazine - would they even except it?
  10. Looked at Free.fr, unfortunatly we are 'non dégroupé' so restricted to 2048 / 320 @ 29.9 euros per month - so the N9UF offer at 14.90 p.m is still looking good Actually that dosent make sense - N9UF have me as dégroupé but Free dont? Anyone switched ADSL providers? how long was the downtime?
  11. Morning, we need to up our ADSL connection (currently 1024/128 with Wanadoo) - looking around it seems N9UF offer the best, speed and price wise, and can supply 5-8Mbps/800k to our line. It seems Wanadoo cant get anywhere near that upload speed, they state 256k as their max (via DebitMax) Wanadoo to be fair, for the last 2 years, have been 100% reliable in terms of connection - something thats really important to my business. So any horror stories with N9UF? Or any better recommendations of suppliers for speed and reliability?
  12. >> Also, does anyone know of a car hire firm who will pick up from Limoge airport? Yes: Car Hire Limoges inc Airport
  13. If its for viewing on a PC screen scan at a max of 100 dpi, then compress using your fav image prog and export - then attach as an atachment - do not embed in the email If its lots of text you may find the GIF format better
  14. Just so we can make sense of these figures - are you all talking 'occupancy' or 'time of booking' - obv. 2 completely different things
  15. I know agents in this area - depends where you want to live - for me 'off the tourist route' is nice - although we do run a successful Gite here - if your passing through in August please do look us up
  16. Rob - yes we are 1hr east of Toulouse, do quite a bit of work here in France (more and more) mainly ASP / Access DB's with CMS and more and more XML. We also provide consultancy on SEO / Usability / Site design for clients across the world Property is realtivly cheap where we are - although its climbing fast!
  17. Hi Rob, yeh I agree the 'get you top 10 for 39.99' crew are a waste of time, but SEO goes far beyond link building (although that certainly is one factor!) Following good usability guidlines and using valid code also helps - which is where many fall down (and this is at initial build level! - hence my agreement with you on the $600 eastern build crew) so its no wonder that few sites survive in competitve areas What sites do I run? A few are on our clients pages, but obv. not all of them - larger clients, or clients in high competition areas are not so keen on letting competitors know where their site came from Rob - are you in France? If so where and what skill sets?      
  18. Re web promotion - agreed this takes time but these days its content and relevant links that drive traffic. You dont have to be a web guru to do this, neither do you have to pay web promotion companies hundreds of pounds. Advertising could also be shared on Google ads etc. Bit of a contradiction there, why use adwords if promotion is easy? Take a look around some of the SEO boards - the industries top experts struggle, esp. with Google - I wouldn't be so quick as to 'little' web promotion with sweeping statements. The amount of time I spend on some of our sites would but the pricing over the 2 - 3k mark just for promotion alone, but then the sites are in competitive arena's they are not selling '2mm tungsten rivets' or the like The travel industry is very competitive - do not under estimate the work required to get good positions for the terms you're likely to be aiming at - and without those good positions the site may well become one of the many - never to be found I think 2 - 3k is a reasonable price (if not a little low!) for a full on site (excluding SEO), I have seen some horrible stuff come out of trying to save a few quid re: hotscripts, think I may have used one or two snippets in 6 years - the rest needs to be hand coded - no two sites are the same
  19. Seems easy enough, from their FAQ's When any of the network's unlock your handset they give you unique codes to enter into your phone's keypad. These codes are generated based on your phone's unique IMEI (or serial) number. We need to know your: IMEI / Serial number (e.g. 123456789012345) IMEI The IMEI is the unique serial number for your mobile phone. You can find out your 15 digit IMEI / Serial number by entering the following code into your keypad: *#06# Your phone will then display your unique 15 digit IMEI / Serial number like this: Serial no. 350856789012345 Network Provider (e.g. T-Mobile) Then we can provide you with the same codes to unlock your phone using your keypad at just a fraction of the price. Remember, you don't need any technical knowledge to do this. We send you the codes by email, you type them into your phone - it's as simple as that. If you mis-type the code first time - try again, you can try up to three times.
  20. By email? http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/extras/unlocking-samsung.php?ref=landmark from a quick Google unlock Samsung A300 mobile
  21. > Bunty Who? Arnold I look forward to seeing the site progressing, and I do mean that, as I said before its a good idea - best of luck, hope some ideas flow from this - Im taking down the mockup as its obv. not starting any usefull discussion - just promting the 'jump on the bandwagon crew' Piki - I will do you the favour (briefly), only cause I have to fly out tommorrow, but you never know I may look in and cheer you up
  22. >>For me, enough, Obv. not as you added to your post Anything can be boring if your not interested in it - if you are interested then post Maybe we need more 'active' minds around here - just because 'you' dont understand something doesnt mean it souldnt be posted - other people may understand and learn >> Well it coudn't have been more simply put............... Thank god you understood that!! <edited> misunderstood Miki's post</edited>    
  23. Miki - it was offered from the start - well the 2nd or 3rd posting - but the 'observations were taken in the wrong way and from then on I was defending my work How the hell you think my 'portrayed site cancelled out all the others' is once again beyond me Public forum - public comments - isnt that the point? that others learn, that this becomes a resource? after all, you should know as a forum Guru >> how about showing us a small example of the way you would do it and then we can all take it on board and have a sensible discussion Doesnt seem to be happening does it
  24. The captain will be impressed OK - here you go <removed by buntina - see further posts> please note this is one large image, so it may be slow to download and the quality is not there  - also some designs/images on that page are subject to copyright and are only used for this example - also note this design needs more work - currently 1.2 hrs hope the above helps
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