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  1. Hi, Hi, please could you tell me what to do about insurance/health if I am going to be in France for 3/6 months at a time. I have annual cover for travel insurance but on for max 31 days at a time.   many thank
  2. Done that, still can't find any that have no taxes or charges....Doh!
  3. I have just been on the Ryanair web site and they are advertising free flights ( including tax ect) from many airports......I can't find any! Does anyone know how to find them?
  4. I telephoned Hertz and pointed out that I had booked a car on Hertz/Ryanaire site and that the price was less on Hertz own site. They were very apologetic and helpful and cancelled the frst booking and re-booked on the lower price. Can't complain at that and I will definitley be shopping around in future. Lil
  5. Can you send me an email and then you wouldn't be advertising? Lil
  6. I have just got a price from Hertz through the Ryanair site as I always do when I book a flight. Just as a matter of interest, I checked the price on the Hertz site and found it was cheaper. Ryanair claim that they have a partnership with Hertz and that discounts are given to Ryanair customers. Has anyone else come across this anomaly?   Lil
  7. Sorry, just realised that my first message was not very clear. We have a house near Marval so visit several times a year. This means that the cost of car hire adds up and it would be cheaper if we could buy a car. The problem is getting to and from the airport.   Lil
  8. Hi, I am trying to work out a way of having a car in France to avoid hire car charges. The problem is, how do we get from the airport and back? We fly to Limoge and then have a 40 min drive to near Marval. I have been told that the taxi fare is very high. Wondered if we could pay someone local to pick us up or find somewhere close to the airport to store the car. Any ideas?   Thanks Lil[:)]  
  9. Hi Di, just seen your post. We bought our holiday/future retirement home last January which is also near St Mathieu! We swim in the lake there. If you want to make contact and maybe meet up when we are all there please do. I am happy to give you any local info that you might need. Lil
  10. thanks everyone, I think I will turn up with a small cool bag and if questioned say that it is to eat on the plane! Lil
  11. Hi   we are arriving in France on Easter Sunday by air. Given that nothing will be open until Tuesday, do you know if it is ok to take food such as milk, butter salad etc on the plane? Thanks Lil
  12. This is exactly what I needed to know, Thanks. Ryanair published the new timetable last week and I was shocked at the high prices for April. I will now wait a while and see what happens. Lil  
  13. Hi   In the garden of our house we have a 1 bed gite that we want to put a stove in. There is no chimney. Can we put a pipe/liner through the roof? as it is single storey, is there a problem with the height of the bit that will stick through the roof?   cheers   Lil
  14. Hi, does anyone know if there is an equivalent to BT 1571 answer service in France? If so how do you set it up? Thanks Lil
  15. Hi we need one of those big electric water cylinder heaters installing. Contacted a local heating person while we were ther last week but he didn't turn up. Does anyone know who could do this? we are near Marval in 87. Someone in the village has keys to our house so it could be done in our absence. Also, when we had our chimney swept last spring, the ramoneur said we needed a new liner. Any ideas about who could do this as well? cheers Lil
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