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  1. Thanks both for your responses. Parsnips - I had read the Siddalls link -looks as though if pension receipts from arrival in say October to 31 December plus 1/15 of UK lump sum give a marginal tax rate of 0% then no tax will be payable on it. I hope my understanding is correct!  
  2. Hi all I'm planning to retire towards the end of the year and join all you lucky people who live permanently in France. My question is this: If my company pension lump sum comes through after the move how will the marginal rate on the new quotient 15 rules be calculated? If my only income to declare for 2012 is 3 months pension, marginal rate will be 0%, so does this mean there will be no tax payable on the lump sum? Or will the French authorities want to include my UK salary prior to arriving in France as part of the calculation (which would greatly increase the marginal rate!) Thanks to any tax experts out there who are able to clarify.      
  3. You'll find hypermarkets in shopping centres near many of the "Portes"- there's a large Carrefour at Porte de Montreuil, an Auchan at Porte de Bagnolet, also large centre commercial at Porte d'Orleans etc.,etc.
  4. Sorry Teapot, but it seems that Alice may no longer be offering this service. I had a look at the web site (Alice.fr) and the only deals on offer appeared to be broadband, and there were links to a couple of postings by customers about "le fin de bas-debit". Anyone else out there know of another provider, otherwise I'll be in France in about 10 days and look out my Alice paperwork and see if that's any more helpful than the web site. Mary      
  5. We signed up for a dial-up account with Alice to use while in France, and have had no problems.
  6. Pads You're right, it doesn't fit.  Souhaiter takes que + subjunctive ie Je souhaite que vous soyez ici (or more commonly que vous soyez la- sorry no accents!).  Not sure how good an equivalent of the English "Wish you were here" this is though.  Anyone know a better phrase the French would use? Mary  
  7. Depending on which station you come into, take metro line 6 to Denfert Rochereau and pick up the Orlybus, or line 7 to Villejuif-Louis Aragon and pick up the 285 or the jetbus (jetbus doesn't run weekends and holidays, is more expensive than the 285 service bus, but does the journey in about 10 minutes as opposed to 15-20 mins on the 285). Mary
  8. What about the Jardin d'Acclimatation in the Bois de Boulogne - lots of different activities - more open at weekend or Wed pm at this time of year.  Or for something more educational, several museums have really good hands-on children's sections, eg the Cite des Sciences et d'Industrie, the Palais de la Decouverte,and the Natural History Museum. Have a good trip. Mary          
  9. sorry, only just seen your posting so hope I am not too late. My son has a book "2000 places to fish in Britain and France" published by Beekay, and he has found that very useful for carp fishing in France.The fishing tackle shops also have information about the local areas and suitable lakes. Mary
  10. If you can get down to Brive (Correze Dept 19)there are several places there that do a range of craft supplies including cards. It shouldn't take you too long from north Dordogne. I would think Limoges would also have retailers. (Contact me if you want more specific directions re. Brive) Mary
  11. Where do you live Chrissie? - I may have some suggestions for you. Mary
  12. Looking at the recent postings it seems the Correze is getting to be more and more popular with people from the U.K. We moved there at the end of September 2001, and really love it. Since then we have got to know two other couples from the U.K. - met through this site - who have also decided it is the place they want to be, and one couple introduced to us by our estate agent, Christophe Bertou in Pompadour. Everyone seems to be in a triangle of (roughly)Masseret/Perpezac-le-Noir/Vigeois Perhaps we'll have to get together for a barbeque party in the summer, or something - I'm sure there is a wealth of experience to exchange. Mary
  13. Can you tell me where Cussac is please? My husband and sons are all keen fishermen. Mary
  14. When we bought our house in May 2002 we paid on the day to the notaire a cheque for the balance of the house price that was not covered by our mortgage from Credit Agricole. They had sent a bank cheque to the notaire for that. We also paid another cheque to the notaire for his fees, and another to the estate agent(who is present at the signing with you) for his commission. He also wrote a cheque to the notaire for the deposit we had lodged with him for the property. The notaire then sat and wrote (3) cheques for the vendors giving them their share of the house sale. (Mother and 2 sons) There were cheques flying in all directions!! (Unfortunately no one wrote us one for anything!) As soon as this was done we were given the paperwork for the house (Search results, proof of ownership etc) and we were free to go and move in. You DO NOT have to wait for the cheques to clear - if you have a French bank account the notaire should already have requested confirmation from the bank that you have the funds. Mary
  15. I have been able to login (obviously!) but have received a message from 'DaveandAileen' that they can't get in at all. Aileen says she can't even get a reply from Eleanor via e-mail, and this has been going on for some weeks! Hope you are alright Eleanor? I also think the new front page a bit of a disaster - print too small and generally 'messy' looking - sorry! Mary
  16. Why should you lose your deposit? The compris surely had a clause saying the sale depended on you getting a mortgage, so until your acceptance forms arrive back with the bank you have not, in theory, got the mortgage have you? I would think it is the agent worrying about her commission that is making her jump up and down (she is not is Uzerche in the Correze by any chance is she?:>) Take a deep breath, calm down and try to relax, I am sure it will all fall into place, nerveracking as it seems now! We were supposed to sign last December and due to various problems had to wait until May this year - I had no fingernails left! Bon Courage! Mary
  17. Mary

    French Dentist

    As the others have already said, it depends where you go for your NHS dentistry. I worked for a dentist in the UK who had build up a group of NHS practices in Norfolk and Suffolk. His standards where high, his surgeries clean and welcoming, the equipement new and the staff first class (but then I would say that as I ran three of the practices!!?). However I am pleased to hear about the French dental service you received, but like everything it probably varies from place to place. I'm also a nervous patient (show me anyone who works for a dentist who isn't!) and am not looking forward to my first trip for a check up. Mary
  18. Glad to hear it Maria, I was wondering if you had found anyone, and whether you can sit down again! Mary
  19. Mary

    Liver salts?

    Oh dear, Chrissie, has someone been overdoing the vin rouge?! I remember many years ago when I was young (!) my father gave one of my brothers some Andrews as he was complaining of a pain in his stomach - it turned out he had a ruptured appendix!! (Luckily he lived to tell the tale!!) This doesn't help you with your query though, does it?! Mary
  20. The three topics listed at the top of this forum don't seem to be getting used much recently. Instead the questions relating to these FAQs are being put in the various (and sometimes more than one !) topic catagories. Why? If people are not going to use the three at the top can't they be got rid of, and the questions popped into an appropriate topic discussion? Just wondering! Mary
  21. Have you tried looking in Pages Jaunes? There are Masseurs Kinestherapeutes (which are physiotherapists - I think) and 'Medicine General Orientation Acupuncture' both listed in the Correze edition. The acupuncturists addresses are Brive, Tulle, Servieres le Chateau and Ussel. I am sure there must be some in Bordeaux as well. Hope you are mobile again soon. Mary
  22. Mary

    Holidaying in UK

    As you don't have to pay to see a doctor in the UK, or for hospital care it is not a problem surely? Any member of an EU country can get emergency medical and dental care in the UK if they are on holiday. (You would only pay the normal NHS dental charges if you see a dentist) Mary
  23. Sorry to reply rather late - have only just seen the postings! Chirac was furious about the lack of respect shown to the French national anthem by the Corsican supporters when it was played, quite rightly too in my opinion. It's a pity all those in authority don't insist on a bit more respect when a country's anthem is played before a (sporting) event. Mary
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