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  1. Just looked at Rennes to manchester that came up E900 for me and two kids!!!

     Plus driving to Rennes parking and then hiring a car and petrol. Who can afford that?

    How are 12 year olds classed as adults one might ask.

  2. Yes I think I looked at most of the flights that came up blank, but i will look again, thanks everyone. May look at driving to Calais.

  3. I never used to have to think about the options of going back for Christmas, there was always the plane or the boat from many different places. Now the options are much reduced, going back seems to be in the region of £600 for me boat or plane. I cannot believe how many plane companies are just not going from this end now or within a couple of hours. I was going to use Dinnard Leeds and Brad but that is not showing.

    Does anyone have any idea how to get from 29 near Roscoff to anywhere north of Birmingham that will not involve mega expense.

    The boat at Roscoff includes overnights (more expense) and seem much reduced than before.

    Maybe a long drive is necessary.


  4. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]I think the bottom line is that we are all entitled to be intolerant. In the OP, the phrase "I hate" was used in connection with loud nose blowing: something I do, and can't help. Nail biting is something many people do, and can't help. The latter, granted, is something that can be un-learned or controlled, the former, regrettably, not.

    Being intolerant of something is quite different, however, from finding something to be "bad manners". Age is neither a barrier to intolerance nor to bad manners. For me, annoying a few people by blowing my nose seems infinitely perferable to sniffing or wiping on my sleeve!

    If you dislike someone else's behaviour, many people may agree with you. In lots of cases, I might well be one of them. Setting yourself up as an arbiter of what's acceptable or otherwise is a road fraught with dangers, though.


    Ok I can see that you are the kind of person that argues black is white.  If you are a constant nose blower, you could maybe retire to the bathroom whilst people are eating, that would be good manners,

    For the record, I cannot tolerate bad manners LOL

  5. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]It's odd, really. Over the summer I was involved in a conversation with a reasonably close friend, who has offended a number of people of late by speaking her mind. She said that she felt she'd reached a stage in her life where she was "allowed" to do so, because she no longer cared what people thought, but felt she was getting old enough not to have to tolerate things which she found intolerable.

    I'm no spring chicken myself, but she's 15 years older, and her attitude appalled me.

    I agree that with age comes an increasing inclination towards grumpiness, but I do think there's a fine line between that and rudeness, and I hope it's a line I can manage not to cross. I really cannot reconcile all these "older" people who complain about the lack of manners in the younger generation, yet have no compunction about being as rude as they like as though their age confers upon them the right to do so. Whatever happened to leading by example?

    I agree it's hard, sometimes. I also agree that occasionally something needs to be (and SHOULD be) said. Most of the time, however, it's none of our collective business, and it's probably better to simply count to however many it takes until the blood pressure returns to normal. The older you get, the more the adage "life's too short" applies to wasting time getting exercised about other people.


    Yes I thnk there is something in that, whereas some people think they can say what they like at a certain age, a bit like One Foot in the Grave but that does not apply to do what you like no matter if you put others off of their food, does it ???

  6. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"][quote user="You can call me Betty"]The older you get, the more the adage "life's too short" applies to wasting time getting exercised about other people.


    Yeah but that's all the exercise some people get [6]


    Ok i 'aint old and I get plenty of exercise lol.......(: but it is interesting that some people actually don't think that it is bad manners really

  7. [quote user="dwmcn"]Georgina, I bit my fingernails until my junior high school teacher told me, when I was 13,  that my nails looked horrible. I immediately stopped and never bit them again. So you are safe sitting near me in a restaurant.[/quote]

    Yes, it did make me feel unwell.  So i don't think I emphasised enough the frantic biting, it was really quite disturbing.  It wasn't just a nibble she was like she was eating all her fingers....... yuck

  8. [quote user="basquesteve"]

    Why should any one of us feel superior to others


    Don't tell me you are a nose blower, nail picker too?  LOL

  9. [quote user="confused of chalus"][quote user="Georgina"]Oh ok, next time I shall take a gorgeous man and maybe I will not notice the behaviour of those opposite (: still think it was disgusting sorry


    Let me know where you find him will you please. I'd like one of those.[/quote]

    Well i won't be sharing LOL

  10. [quote user="Ivor Nidea"]Out to lunch the other day we were put on the end of a table occupied by, it appeared to be, a French family. Opposite me and next to my OH was a teenage boy with, I imagine, his grandma. In between courses grandma very kindly turned her grandson's cheek to the light and pressed her two thumbs to what I imagine was a zit. [+o(][/quote]

    LOL well that beats me ...... gross

  11. Oh ok, next time I shall take a gorgeous man and maybe I will not notice the behaviour of those opposite (: still think it was disgusting sorry

  12. I don't go to restaurants very often now but tonight I took my kids out for a meal. It was a rare treat.

     Now I live in Brittany and not many people do actually get dressed up around here, sometimes turning up in work clothes.

     Well i can put up with that..... a bit.

    Tonight however the woman opposite me at the next table was frantically chewing at her nails, to the extent that it made me feel rather sick. and well we weren't in MacDonalds.

     I was very close to saying something to her. I would have done had I been in England, rather disgusting to do that I think.

    What tolerance level do you have in restaurants.  And what have you witnessed?

     I also hate people who blow their nose rather loudly.

    PS this is a topic for discussion not for someone to say I shouldn't go out (:  I am interested in whether I am seeing just bad manners or am I being intolerant.

    I think it will be a while before I go out again. (blah)


  13. Wow Quillie, we are always poles apart.  If Saville had been convicted

    and had a fair trial, I for one would be first in line to beat him black

    and blue.  The facts are that he is not a convicted anything.  Anyone

    in the public spotlight is subject to allsorts of allegations at some

    time or another. Imagine trying to defend allegations against yourself

    when you are dead.  First stone and all that. The fact is you can say anything about someone who is dead, and unless someone has the money and time to defend it for you, you have no chance.

    If you are the victim of a sexual predator

    you want only the perpetrator to suffer, not in this case, the charities,

    his relatives, the BBC.  The original person who brought the charges

    decided to drop them when he was alive, she was listened to.  She is not

    interested in justice. The law has to listen, the police have no option

    but to listen.  No one can decide, ah well, sorry I don't believe you.  

    Even a sniff of this allegation would have ruined him, true or not


    There are many men that have had sexual allegations

    against them and even though proved innocent had lost their jobs.   

    My real point though is the British public CONVICTING someone a. without trial and

    b:: who is DEAD.  That is not justice.

  14. You know there is no escape from being tried by the media, the media sure runs the country, but tried whilst you are dead, well that is taking it to extremes.  Also the BBC roll over backwards to any allegation that causes scandal, seeing as they are all scared of being a scapegoat and losing their jobs, they will not actually say that these are allegations - allegations are not convictions.

    Well the law must have changed since I worked in England, allegations were known as just that.  I am absolutely gobsmacked that all this can come out when there is nobody to prosecute anymore. 

     I was a victim of a sex attacker (more than once) I know bad luck for me, but i know one thing, I was young, I was vulnerable and I made damn sure that bloke was sent to prison, whilst he was still alive!! Nothing in the world would have made me wait till he was dead despite having to face him directly as well.

    It is easy to convict a dead person but so so very easy to convict the BBC bunch of pathetic pussys they are!!!

    Now obviously no one is paying for Jimmy Saville's defence, they are having a field day.

  15. ...I had an operation here on my eyes and the care was amazing  Really happy to not have to squint here too

  16. [quote user="Chancer"]

    [quote user="Georgina"]Oh heck what is the obsession with this ageing rock star, he is old and out of date and quite seriously past it. Hasn't there been anyone better since him in france,....... NO.  it is like the UK still being obsessed with Cliff Richard yawn (:


    And what exactly is the problem with a singer ageing? They mature and improve with experience.

    Old means better not, out of date or past it unless you are talking about the whole fabricated modern reality/celebrity/ £1.50 per minute to vote music machine.

    Long may musicians and performers at the top of their game continue whatever their age.


    Sorry Old only means better with wine lol and some singers know when to retire and I talk from experience  they cannot continue indefinitely sorry

  17. Oh heck what is the obsession with this ageing rock star, he is old and out of date and quite seriously past it. Hasn't there been anyone better since him in france,....... NO.  it is like the UK still being obsessed with Cliff Richard yawn (:

  18. I really believe that people are becoming more and more stupid...... there is this and there was that woman who poured petrol into a container in the kitchen, with the gas on ! I think more people are becoming reliant on government health warnings to tell them what they can and cannot do, like your cigarettes have to tell you that you will die if you smoke, so much so that people have stopped using their brains.

  19. A bug .  Just like doc says when he does not really know. lol(: but SFR at Leclerc were great!! And under law they 're supposed to unlock your phone for any provider. I guess SFR in Le clerc know the up to date law. - happy

  20. Sorry late coming back on this.

    But Val you were changing to use their service, I was in the middle of cancelling it!!!  As that store is rather a busy store I guess they could not be bothered.

    However I went to the store at Leclerc in Morlaix and they were fantastic. I had to provide an invoice which helped me have a big clearout but they were marvellous and sorted it out straight away. Really helpful and polite.   And they rang Geant branch to ask for my details and Geant branch said I never bought the phone there DOH!!! Well I had an invoice proving it.

  21. Yeah it is annoying that you cannot compare with out actually going to the store. super u however could not even give me a price. I had to wait until the petrol station opened tomorrow. You would think they would show the price and be a bit more competitive.

    So that makes the Intermarche cheaper then Someone good at maths? ?

  22. Price in Intermarche today 10 kilo = 18,94E

    I find regularly that the prices of bottled gas are well hidden around here. I realise the prices change but why is the price and size never displayed.

    anyone checked other suppliers today. I am going to super u tomorrow, I think they were doing bottles of 13 for about 21,E last week

  23. [quote user="Russethouse"]

    My sister has just got back from Cornwall and says what is being reported there is that BF staff work 1 week on, 1 week off and also have 5 weeks holiday, BF say this way of working is not sustainable and seek to renegotiate the deal.

    Can that really be right ?

    I thought I read that BF staff have commandeered the Bretagne in St Malo, but maybe I have misunderstood?


    I was offered an interview with them (an excruciating four hour interview)  to work on the boats but when I found out that I would have to be on the boat the whole week I thought how on earth can they get anyone to do that? But they obviously do. Seems bizarre to take a week out of your life to work for them and have no life. And the staff are always very intelligent , well groomed and polite, not to mention bi lingual.  If it were a British operation we would have the Poles all doing that shift LOL

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