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  1. Thank you for that information Opas I do not have access to a UK map here as I do not need one. Can you be more specific as to its location.I dont know my english counties very well.Is it near somewhere I would recognise a major city for instance ?   
  2. Instead of being as smart as a tack perhaps you should read the posts before making sarcastic replies. The first post was about flights from northern airports no mention of England and Glasgow in in the north of the British isles.Then it went on about Blackpool.Newcastle and Manchester Blackpool is about 2hrs drive from Glasgow loikewise Newcastle likewise while Manchester is about a 3 hr drive much less then the 5 hour drive to Stansted So perhaps some of you norht of england people should think about travelling north to Glasgow to get a cheap flight to Paris or even to Stansted and then a connection PS where is Glossop dont have a clue?    
  3. Beanie First of all buy a couple of books about living in France but dont beleive everything you read. Second think long and hard about how you are going to earn a living One gite will not give you a sufficient income to live our neighbours have a gite with swimmingpool cost them about 100000 euros to renovate and that was with him doing all of the roofing work and carpentry work himself.Yes he got a grant from Gites de France but only 20000 euros He has done quite well this year about 14 weeks rental income of 8000 euros take off taxes and expenses for electricity running swimmingpool etc probaply left with 6000 euros. Your dogs which I saw on another tread Get pet passports for them inclusing rabies jabs,bloodtests etc.I know of 2 families with children who came out to France with their dogs on an export certificate both gave up after a year a combination of not being able to find work and children being unhappy in school not able to get to grips with language Both have had to leave their dogs behind in France because they did not have pet passports About working on the black The french in this area are curious to know how people are making a living yes they realise that some have retired here but the younger ones with families who appear not to work are objects of suspicion One person I know has just had a visit from the gendarmes and all work on a barn has now stopped ,a combination of no permissions for work and a suspicion that the other workers were working on the black
  4. The tick/worm treatment is still required to take your dogs back to the UK 24 to 48 hrs before your departure time You still also require a blood test after the rabies jab and then wait 6 months to take dogs back to UK
  5. Presuming your dog has nothing at the moment go to your local vet have him microchipped and then vacinated for rabies after one month blood test by the vet which is sent away to an approved laborotory by the vet if it comes back ok then french vet will issue you with a Pet passport It is exactly the same process as in the UK You will not be allowed to enter uk until 6 months after the blood test and you still need tick and worm treatment between 24/48hrs before time of departure of ferry. As far as I am aware the French are not issueing the new style pet passports yet but that was a month ago when I tried but should start on 1st October when it becomes a standard document throought the EU. Some French vets may not be up to speed ask about for one that is I can recommend one if you are in the Charente One other thing you will need to have your dog given a booster rabies every year to keep the pet passport up to date
  6. You're right Miki A juriste is someone who is legally qualified and include Notaires,Advocats,Housierrs (sorry about that spelling) and the people who change legal rulings cant remember the name for them.
  7. I presume that this post is to stimulate some sort of debate as what you propose on all counts is illegal and has been covered many times on this forum
  8. [quote]I am not personalising this. I am highlighting a flaw in the rules because France will not allow a resident to opt out of the state healthcare system and go private. A one size to fit all does not wo...[/quote] We would all wish to have our cake and eat it Re Spain Spain has a free health system open to a few people with low income otherwise you pay via private medical insurance. If you are a UK national who moves to spain then you are no longer entitled to the benefits of the UK national health system To ensure that you receive an adequate standard of care in spain it is neccessary to take out private medical insurance as the spanish free system has long waiting lists etc. Therefore you are totallly wrong in this post unless of course you do not tell the UK authorities that you have moved to Spain and pretend that you are still residing in the Uk.The UK authorities have tightened up on this loophole recently and you will no longer be entitled to UK routine health care if you reside in another eu country     
  9. Marinade in a mixture of red wine lemon juice and olive oil for at least 24hrs and then BBQ OOOPs just noticed its not in the food forum Havnt got a clue
  10. In an ideal world maybe everyone in the world would be entitled to free health care anywhere in the world but this is not an ideal world I dont see the great difficulty you are resident in France you pay into the French system  go to any other country in the EU you get emergency treatment by the rules of that country it just so happens that in the UK it is free.If you want routine medical treatment you come back to France for it. Its the same rules for everyone in the European Union  
  11. [quote]I have been advised elsewhere on this forum that it is not possible to live in France and opt out of the state healthcare system and go 100% private. BUPA for example have tailor made contracts for Eu...[/quote] As others have said you cannot opt out of the UK NI so why think that you can opt out of the French system You pay 8% of your income after deducting an allowance of approx 6000euros then you can either opt for top up insurance or not bother so there is a slight element of choice. However if you are retired and of pensionable age then you are entitled to an E121 and you dont pay anything for your health care except for the top up insurance.
  12. [quote]Val - I know - we already have one but need another and after looking around we can get a better/newer one for our money from the UK. BaF - have you been reading Christopher Brookmyre too - good, is...[/quote] Helen One fine day in the middle of the night i was reading boiling a frog when a big boy did it and ran away and it turned out quite ugly one morning because its quite difficult to find books in the country of the blind but its not the end of the world Who is Christopher  Brookmyre should I know him?
  13. [quote]Sounds easy but has anyone actually done it? Tranny in question is 1994 2.5 diesel with roller shutter on back (ex P.O.) and no side sliding door. Don't want it if we can't have French plates! Chee...[/quote] What is a trannie in my language a trannie is a transistor radio didnt know you could get diesel engine ones altho I suppose it would save on the electricity but what is the purpose of the roller shutter door
  14. You actually pay more if it is a second house not less.Altho some people on low income can get a discount it is only on your main house and you have to be french resident and tax payer There will not be a form lying waiting for you and yes genarally tax habitation is less than tax fonciere
  15. As I said I only believe This is what it says "La nouvelle norm prevoit un socle de prise communication par piece principal et cuisine RJ45 preconisee ,pris telephone en T admise pendant une periode d'adaptation. L'un de ces socies doit etre place dans le sejour,pres de la prise TV .
  16. I believe he is correct telephone sockets in each principal room and in the kitchen TV socket in the sejour at least that is what it says in my book.
  17. The staff at the Tresor are only tax collectors and know nothing about tax legislation.You would be as well listening to a man in a pub or a barrack room lawyer.
  18. [quote]Sorry Boiling A Frog, and I regret being pedantic, but this thread is about the cheapest way of calling the UK. lesminutes 3111 service is 4.9 cents a minute plus 10 cents connection. Can anyone find...[/quote] Les lauriers I use lesminutes and never have a problem getting a connection and they are cheaper than France telecom. That is why I recomend them.  By your own admission you do not use Telesoldes so you are unable to comment on the efficiency of their service. oh and being pedantic the thread is about Cheaper telephone calls NOT the cheapest  
  19. We use http://www.lesminutes.com/Default.asp?partner=comparatel   You just have to dial 3111 before your number website has an english option and it only takes a couple of minutes to set up if you have a debit card
  20. [quote]<Hope this has not totally confused you!> Yup, It has!!: I think if I leave everything taxed in the UK, then I should have a nil tax bill in France, except 10% social charges. Am I correct t...[/quote] Re your police pension this is taxable in the UK you do not have a choice. When you file your tax return in France you complete the very last box on the back page showing your UK pension income (Net) and also give the tax authorities a covering letter explaining why you are taxed in the UK Probably better to give them a copy of your P60 also You do not pay 10% on this pension With regard to any other income ie interest on savings you are quite  right apply for the interest to be paid gross in the UK declaire it on your French tax return and you will be taxed on it including a 10% social charge Better to file a French tax return at the first oppertunity as this will determine how much you will pay for medical cover when your E106 runs out
  21. [quote]DON ,in her orriginal posting Sashabel mentioned airports north of Birmingham not the scotish borders! Ryanair operate routes From Manchester ,Liverpool and Blackpool, from one of these you could con...[/quote] So my geography is wrong and Glasgow is not North of Birmingham?
  22. There are Ryanair flys from Glasgow Prestwick to Paris  or is Glasgow not in the north of the UK
  23. [quote]IN France you still get your full no claims bonus if you get a second car.........not with our company the MAIF you don't. You have to pay the full whack. And we paid full whach when we got our scoote...[/quote] Well you do with Poitiers Mutuel,perhaps you should change insurance companies
  24. Are you talking about the temporary light socket fitted,you cut them off when you are ready to install your proper lighting and fit a light fitting,if it on a sloping ceiling think about a spot light cut into the ceiling with a swivel mount Have you put an activator into the septic tank put in 2 or 3 dodes of eparcyl or similar and then 1 per week  
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