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  1. I also noticed in the local vetimarche they were selling straw hats for St. Catherines day. Is this the same Catherine as the wheel.
  2. I always use moneybookers, and have found them very good, for really small or larger amounts.
  3. At long last, the fire is functioning properly. It is so hot and lovely. It was so cheap too. I have antracite on it, very little needed. I am as snug as a bug in a rug. Molly
  4. I have a nice 14kw Fire, which is free standing, it goes out through the wall, with a lovely black stainless steel tube going all up the outside of the house. When I am in the garden I warm my hands on it. I want to place this inside, am I allowed to do so, and what has to happen to make it safe as it goes through the grenier and roof. It seems so silly to have mord than half the heat going through to the garden. Molly  
  5. Thanks I hadn't thoughof the long matches. Someone has told me they ar not for wood but anthracite, but I am not sure.
  6. I cant seem to light my traditional looking cylindrical Godin fire easily. How best to light these please.
  7. can you only use newspaper, or can you use the glossy leaflets that are put in our letterboxes
  8. Could someone tell me what the long planks of decking are called in french please . Molly  
  9. Thank you VJ for yor time and help. I will make a decision. Molly
  10. Hi Vj How awful to have to try and work something out from my answers. 1) It's black enamel, though the very top bit doesn't seem to be. It has no shine but black. 2) Yes straight through, then concertina thing at an angle. 3) External, four and a half tubes. I am sorry I cant be more accurate. I remember being told the last bit is 50cms after roof line. 4) I think the tube may be on upside down, as it was taken off by a friend and put on the other way, trouble started then. If there is such a thing as upside down! Thank you      
  11. Thank you. I am not at all technical but in laymans terms. It is a free standing fire, no chimney/fireplace. The black auluminium tube goes from back of fire, 23 cms then into wall of 53cm, in the wall it goes through a round breeze block, then into something that to me looks like an elbow with concertina bitd, then straight up the wall. I get a beautiful fire from it, but also the black tar seems to be dripping back down and dripping from the tube by fire.I am so sorry ,If you knew me you would know why I can't explain this or anything in more technical terms. The tube has a cap on the top. I have only used it twice. Thank you Molly
  12. I have a beautiful new Godin. It works works well, except for the sticky tar that pours down the side of it. Is this the wood, or something not right with the fire? Thank you Molly
  13. As I have already mentioned my neighbours have the wretched plant in their garden along a fence.It is slwly coming into mine. I know of its problems and what damage it causes from reading english websites. Can anyone tell me are there legal restrictions to growing it here. Can anyone tell me of a french website that might explain the problem to them. My french isn't anywhere near good enough to explain to my neighbours why they ought not to grow the stuff. Molly
  14. After renovating the house. I have started the garden. Today I have been demolishing two huge bonfires full of iron bits, sharp bits of glass, syringes with the needes in, lightbulbs. I think the entire garden was a ash heap, some now has iron incorporated in it from the bonfire; other soil seems very fine. What would be a good thing to grow on ash, iron? Garden gets sun all afternoon and gets very hot. I also have creeping over from my neighbours garden a Japanese knotweed, which my neigbours refuse to believe is a pest because it's pretty. Thank you Molly
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