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  1. [quote user="HoneySuckleDreams"] This quote from the Times today sums it up for me: “The Olympics are meant to be a celebration of human endeavour. However the ’people’s games’ in London are subject to the whims of global corporations and financial institutions who seek to ’legally’ avoid tax and saturate sport with their own marketing in an attempt to sanitise their reputations, never mind limiting ticket availability and securing VIP lanes,” Kate Morris (Occupy London) [/quote] That Kate has got it soooo right, Bradley had *k*, and the '2012' has some of the worse corporates, how dare they say that even '2012' is registered, VIP lanes are not unique to London, and this morning I took my life in my hands crossing one of these in Dorset, [quote user="Clair"]  I'm on the fence about the games/sports/competition per se.  I am fed up to the back teeth with the continuous coverage of The Progress of The Torch. I am baffled by the adoration shown to it, as if it were some rare artifact to be worshipped as it is carried aloft by our betters (Eastenders? Really?) I feel manipulated and force-fed by the Beeb which keeps running these "news" items every time I want to watch some real news. And if that makes me one of the "bah-humbugs", I'd rather be one of those than a sheep! [:D] [/quote] Hear, Hear, Clair - I've always looked on these things as tribal, and I don't use woad any more Having said that, the Games are just not my bag and I detest it being force fed.  
  2. [quote user="HoneySuckleDreams"]   I didn't realise Iwasn't allowed to comment. Long may your whinge-fest continue...maybe if you get really good at it someone will give you a medal [:D][/quote] Of course feel to comment, after all we are all entitled to compete if we want, and there is more than one kind of medal, gold even, for a few . . . got tickets yet?[;-)]
  3. [quote user="Clair"]   The current Adoration of The Torch and overall enforced joviality brings to mind the cringing Jubilee coverage... Bread and games... We must enjoy this, you must enjoy this, you will enjoy this...  [/quote] Abso - olympickle - lutely, nearly as bad as North Korea in the amount of propaganda thrust down everyone's throat, I don't enjoy this, I refuse to enjoy this, you will not enjoy this... [quote user="HoneySuckleDreams"] For all the bah-humbugs out there, there is always the off button - or DVD's. I mean, no one is forcing anyone to watch it, it's not like you live in North Korea is it? [/quote]  For all those who enjoy the olympics out there, fine - enjoy ; this posting is clearly for those who won't. Despite the North Korea like entreaties like Clair said, 
  4. No apologies if I'm out of step with this fat cat junket, I'm also out of step with  Absolutely-Fabulous-BBC-One-review. I thought their take was hilarious,
  5. Result[:D]  -  ok teamwork, but 2013 sports personality of the year?
  6. Chris Froome might have managed to restrain himself, pity his girlfriend doesn't understand the benefits of acting likewise . . .  Twitter-row-erupts-wife-Bradley-Wiggins-Chris-Froomes-girlfriend.
  7. I don't know what it would take to so magnaminous -  family-murders-An-open-letter-from-the-grandfather-of-Sam-Becca-and-Charlie.
  8. Pretty too, Two Legends though a different generation, likewise being a different generation I'd go for Patsy Stone or Kristen Scott Thomas [:$]  
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrSMywZFSDM  
  10. As Jeremy Clarkson might say, It's the largest gentlemans sausage . . .  in the world![:P]
  11. [quote user="Val_2"] Our Parisien friend of over 20years promised his wife on her deathbed some 16years ago he wouldn't marry again, If I find someone else to share my life, no necessarily marriage or living together I will .[/quote] Quite so Val 2, me too; no need for him to break his promise either, no need to marry. Had my wife been here instead of me I'm sure she would have found company. At the risk of quoting cliche's, 'here and now' - 'we're here for a good time not a long time';  Crosby Stills Nash sang . . . particularly good version with James Taylor on this track. [quote user="sweet 17"] Val, how very sensible you are.  I don't want to talk about my wedding rings, all two of them,  [/quote] Awww Sweet, surely you'll tell us now . . .[:D]  
  12. [quote user="5-element"]  and Sky I reckon he should play to his audience and ride the Champs Elysées with a bowler hat on, when they get to Paris on Sunday. Perhaps with an umbrella tied to his bike too.[:P] [/quote] [:D] fortunately the news I've heard has been on the Beeb where curiously they have not mentioned *k*. just as well for me, is there anything they don't own? nonetheless great stuff to see him up there, and displaying that rare british trait, 'Sportsmanship', fingers crossed . . .
  13. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/general/others/tour-de-france-bradley-wiggins-hailed-as-le-gentleman-7945981.html  
  14. [quote user="cooperlola"]Madonna is somebody who doesn't usually feature on my radar but goodness, she's brave! I wonder what will come of this.[/quote] Uhh, maybe sell more tickets for Nice?[Www] [quote user="Clair"]Colour me cynical... I don't believe she does anything without PR as an ulterior motive... a bit like Katie Jordan Price in that respect... [/quote] What colour is cynical ? 
  15. [quote user="Mr Ceour de Lion II"]  entrepreneurship,  [/quote] We've been here before[:D] "The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur." -George W. Bush, discussing the decline of the French economy with British Prime Minister Tony Blair
  16. Sweet eh?, must have been even more dramatic on a public road, I hope he floored it through the arch to give a good blast . . .[:)]
  17. This was prompted by the BBC article below; If you were widowed or divorced what did you do with your wedding ring?, I didn't get one, my wife engraved a silver beer tankard with our wedding date! when she died I had intended to leave hers with her but the funeral directors insisted this not possible and returned it to me so I now wear it on my right hand (the ring . . . , the tankard is for ceremonial use only![:$]).  BBC- What did you do with your wedding ring  
  18. Around this time one of my first unobtainable desires was the Porsche 906, a bit prettier I think and I'm sure you'd remember it[:)]
  19. There you go, them double posts again [blink]
  20. They wouldn't have bothered me then, I don't leave anything much on my plate (War baby)[:D]  
  21. Needs of the business, at least PSA are awake even if France isn't; losing sales in southern europe, booming in China, new executive  Citroen-ds9-caught-undisguised saloon being built only in China, likewise a new Peugeot 4x4 to compete at X5 level,
  22. [quote user="idun"] So IF these women are no good gold diggers, what do the men get out of these relationships? Are men really that shallow that smooth talking, attractive women can wheedle their way into their beds and affections and they just let them? Not saying much about these men is it? I think that this is hilarious. [/quote] Are we are talking about the ex President of France here[:D] [quote user="Quillan"]With wealth comes the better things in life and the expectations of others. These guys are quite happy to pay for something nice to drape over their arm and with prenups etc it's not that expensive for those that have the money. So these women are just expensive ornaments or jewelry if you like, something nice on the arm.[/quote] I believe the phrase is 'Charm on the arm'[;-)]  
  23. We find that few of the supermarkets are cheap if you do all your shopping in one place, that's the game we/they play, we do the rounds of all the supermercado's especially Lidl/Aldi/Netto; doing half a shop here and there, ignoring brands before moving onto the next, though it's not just about price (just because we check the price per litre or get out the calculator), it's offers, deals and choice to please what we're doing that week. We think that the bigger stores are a nightmare generally though, not necessarily the cheapest and too many people! Interesting that a survey in the UK recorded how much of a revival the smaller stores are going through now, in some small rejection of the bigger stores, so much so that the bigger chains are opening more of their 'mini express' stores  
  24. Scary to discover how much of the drug scene is in rural France, This sad case demonstrates no matter how much money you have it seems, drugs can't bring happiness,   Tetrapak-heir-wife-dead-London-home-suspected-drugs-overdose.
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