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  1. eggs for breakfast . . . with mushroom & wine sauce! . . . .The essence of France[:D]
  2. single key stroke, double post, delete button permission denied??!   ?! and again . . .WT . . .
  3. single key stroke, double post, delete button permission denied??! ?!  
  4. [quote user="cooperlola"] Look for us in the middle of the front row (my fate now my knee doesn't bend!) [/quote] I did laugh at the possibility that if there are two people with legs sticking out how would I recognise you[Www] how on earth will you manage to get into any of those cars with it sticking out? go for the convertible and stick it above the windscreen[:D]
  5. I thought they'd fixed double posts[Www]
  6. [quote user="cooperlola"]No, I am tunnelling.  The shovels are in the car....[/quote] Never fear, Coops, I did a 320ml round trip on Sunday without a hint of problem from Dorset to London, when the country was said to be in the Grip of whitestuff and all the roads were completely clear (snow to left of me, snow to the right) if anything the journey was all the better for the lack of traffic. Hopefully it will be just as clear on Fri on my journey to Tunbridge Wells[Www]
  7. I'd be jumping in the dugout with you, I celebrate that there is no recession for some wealth makers rather than everyone making Lada's in some foreign field for my bread and potato soup.[:P] Good ole' capitalism eh![6]  
  8. No recession for some - Ferrari-breaks-records-selling-auction-20-2MILLION.
  9. [quote user="cooperlola"]What recession?[/quote] According to Marcel Massini, the « long » California was re-sold in 1965 by the same garage Montchoisy to Georges Lang, a shipper from Annecy. The car was registered in the Haute-Savoie department, 10 FY 74, and was repainted Bordeaux red. In 1967, Lang acquired a Lamborghini Miura from the Atomic Garage in Lyon, trading in the California at the same time. A friend of the vendor remembers seeing the car for sale for 7,000 F, and later in 1973 in a neighbouring garage in Pont-de-la-Caille, on the road from Annecy to Geneva. What was 7,000 F worth in 1967, about the cost of a new MGB?[:-))][:'(]
  10. He may have had it coming, but I wonder if she realises that now so will she? not just for perverting the cause of justice, but for anyone who has ever had or might in the future have any dealings with her surely will be asking themselves could she be trusted not to renege on an agreement . . . .
  11. err Check at the place they were married? Ask to see their marriage certificate/Decree Nisi[:D]
  12. I'm with you Q (and common sense), Miliband =Sillyband, How clueless does he need to demonstrate he is? 'Out of touch with the people'? Out of touch with reality. It does seem that a lot people have no idea what is required to turn the poison chalice that Fred and Gorgon Fucked up into a golden goblet that could be sold to get the original investment back. How about this analogy; Miliband is feeling pretty sick, ( he should do after the last performance of his party in power); the surgeon is persuaded to perform a health giving operation that is complicated with no immediate guarantees, his family agrees, with a contract, but, whilst on the operating table, lifeblood seeping away, suddenly he is persuaded by some mad ideology to rise up and berate the surgeon tackling the operation and his fee. Save a few quid now and loose how many squillions? Pay up and look big, or don't pay and look a Bloomin' Flippin' Chump. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/matt/
  13. Notwithstanding WWII the current situation is due to allowing Greece into the euro, and now in Germany's interest to maintain that, apart from the effect on Greece there will be drastic consequences for Germany if Greece defaults.
  14. It really would be very silly of Germany not to support Greece as the first dominoe in the Euro collapse would it not? Who could afford to buy German goods should that happen? or should that be, Who could afford to buy . . . . . . . . . . . . . .? (Insert item)
  15. On this basis, I must be a wealthy man . . .[:D] ''It is not every man that can afford to wear a shabby coat'' - Charles Caleb Colton - English sportsman and writer 
  16. The one I had last night was a Wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim'rous beastie I backward cast my e'e, on prospects drear! An' forward, tho' I canna see, t'would hae bin better with a sauce of whisky[:D]
  17. Life is bitter sweet is it not, sorry to hear Gemonimo
  18. Congrats Gemonimo[:D] [quote user="Hoddy"] Among many other joys I quite like being subversive. I tell tales of how 'naughty' their parents were when young. They love it - it can sometimes defuse problems too. [/quote] Struck a note there Hoddy, my three have become a bit of a raison d'être, not to mention the second customer at the bank of Dad (or Nanfer as I have become, what are you called?) and even a bit of serious Normy . . . [quote user="NormanH"]I remember the first Christmas after the birth of my first Grand daughter... It suddenly became much more moving and significant as I saw it a celebration of the wonder of birth and new hope, in a way that I never had time to reflect on after he birth of my own son. I think that that slight distance lets you relive parenthood without the hard bits. [/quote] The cherry on the top as is oft quoted is being able to hand them back![Www]
  19. Not so embarassing, especially not the turbo, and it did spawn the 6R4; the other half loved hers (and I loved pinching it occasionally) never did a treasure hunt in it though.
  20. [quote user="cooperlola"] (don't ask!)  [/quote] It must be done Coops, do tell! I have enjoyed a few treasure hunts, the main 'no no' as I recall was that there should be no element of 'timed' sections or motoring competition of any kind since that would invalidate your insurance, the events afterwards were usually a bit boozy[:D]
  21. Happy Birthday Coops, hope you're allowed bubbly,[:D]
  22. Happy Birthday Coops, hope you're allowed bubbly,[:D]
  23. I just hope we don't wake tomorrow to discover that this was all a terrible shower sequence dream, and that really, the breadmaker wasn't dead and was busy making brioche all the time[Www]
  24. Good luck of course, thought of you last night, straining that finger on the remote, to watch Birdsong, ? Betcha[:D]
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