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  1. Better than your average barn find, twenty spitfires preserved in wax, never fought or even flown!  .telegraph -lost-Spitfires-in-Burma.  
  2. No surprises in any of that, nor in his response here . . .  telegraph. /Nicolas-Sarkozy-Britain-in-far-worse-economic-situation-than-France.
  3. [quote user="Hoddy"]  I am tempted to suggest that he be put down. Hoddy[/quote] Too quickly over (not for her) for him; (although I do make an exception for the Chinese system of capital punishment where the organs are immediately made available for transplant). Far better that he is incarcerated and obliged to work to repay his debt to her and the cost of incarceration. (who says - 'tin hat on'?)
  4. Trebley sad, and not without a little deja vous, some poignant comments and questions will come from her no doubt, while he will need all his strengths . . .
  5. My experience is that it best to treat him like the close friend he was, even though that might have been through his wife. Visit now and express your sadness, call in without arrangements if that was normal, offer to help with simple things like going with him shopping etc, normal things but when the first effects of being alone will hit home. Give a card personally with a note, visit again later, perhaps apero time, and ask about the arrangements which are normally quite quickly made. Whatever you do, don't say 'you know where we are if there is anything we can do let us know' Far better to demonstrate that you are there by calling in on normal occasions.
  6. Maman visits her son for dinner who lives with a girl roommate.   During the course of the meal, his mother couldn't help but notice how pretty his roommate was.   She had long been suspicious of a relationship between the two, and this had only made her more curious.   Over the course of the evening, while watching the two interact, she started to believe there was more between him and his  roommate than met the eye.   Reading his Maman's thoughts, his son volunteered, “I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you,we are just roommates."   About a week later, his roommate came to him saying,   “Ever since your mother came to dinner, I've been unable to find the silver plate. You don't suppose she took it, do you?" ''Of course not, but I'll e-mail her to be sure."   He sat down and wrote :   Dear Maman:  I'm not saying that you ‘did' take the silver plate from my house, I'm not saying that  you ‘did not' take the silver plate But the fact remains that it has been missing ever since you were here for dinner.   Love,  your son.   Several days later, he received an email from his Maman which read:   Dear Son:  I'm not saying that you ‘do' sleep with your roommate, and I'm not saying that you ‘do not' sleep with her. But the fact remains that if she was sleeping in her OWN bed, she would have found the silver plate by now . . .   Love, Maman.
  7. [quote user="Bugsy"]Why not do what we have with our field. Arrange for a local farmer to cut it and give him the bails of hay in return. works for us.[/quote] [quote user="Saucedecochon"]If I were you I'd start by getting down the Mairie and hiring the driver and tractor de commune. Ours is a nominal cost about 28Euros for a morning which will sort out the grass for starters. Once its cleared and shortish it won't rip the guts out of an ordinary 105 cm cut ride on. I have about 2 acres to cut with mine, and I get in a highest cut 1st part of season, then another once its dried a couple of days later, both on firing the mowings to the side, leave it 5 days then do it slow on mulch, and before long we can play cricket on it. [/quote] I agree with the above, I am in a similar position, about 12Ksqm, some quite level and some not, I have a local farmer cut it with a mega Fiat tractor rig, in about an hour, 3 times a year for €100, anything else, tree felling, tree stump removal, re-landscaping etc, all available at the same rate, and no fuss. We are trying to encourage wild flowers and flutterbys so do little else apart from spreading wild flower seeds, though we do do a little close mow around the house when there. It looks good enough to me.[:D]  
  8. Fascinating listening to Jeanette talking on Radio 4 this morning, merrily telling how she enjoys dispatching chickens by twisting their necks cause they 'are so stupid', whereas squirrels either get splatted by a spade or shot with her air gun! [:-))]- still kookie after all these years![8-|]
  9. [quote user="Richard51"][quote user="woolybanana"] Had they been members of the national Socialst party, preaching anti-Jewish propaganda, then we would all immediately have wished them removed. [/quote] Exactly - if anyone says anything that even hints at criticism of Jews / Israel, then there is righteous outrage and indignation - even though we have Israel committing serial war crimes with blatant disregard for human rights.  It seems that Muslims are the 21st century's 1930s Jewry.  Islamophobia and hatred in Europe has become 'de rigueur'. Mrs R51 [/quote] Doesn't Israel have reason for its stance? While I would say that the hatred you suggest is limited for the fundamentalist extremists, there is bound to be distrust as to exactly who these are; I don't feel comfortable with someone in a hijab stood behind me at a cashpoint for no other reason than they are not identified, nor do I see justification for the UK having to appease the ECHR, while France presents a case worthy of discussion provoked by Sarkozy and the subsequent BBC prog does it not?  
  10. There are today 5 million Muslims in France, the largest population in western Europe, largely as a result of the country's colonial past in north Africa. And their presence has increasingly since the 2005 riots been a central issue in French society. In 2009 the government instituted a national enquiry, with town-hall meetings and debates that resulted in much hand-wringing, over what it means today 'to be French', not least in the light of the country's ban on wearing the full Islamic veil in public. Now there is widespread belief that with the far-right National Front led by the charismatic Marine le Pen, there may be a re-run of the 2002 shock elimination by the party of one of the main contenders in the first round of voting.  .bbc.Radio 4 'France & Race, question of identity' -  Tues 8pm uk /
  11. ''those who make remarks contrary to the values of the Republic will be instantly put outside the territory of the French Republic, there will no exception, there will be no leniency''  .bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe- Unlike Britain, where UK's safety is compromised by rights of appeal that can drag on for years . . . [Www]
  12. elf & safety is just a smoke screen to cover the financial demands generated by the union lefty leaders in order that they will subsequently improve their own pensions, loans and payments in kind above the pawns in their game; not unlike the miners who were driven into the valley of doom by Scargill while his own pension, property rights and payments were elevated beyond belief. As a one time union member I for one don't subscribe to their politics.
  13. [quote user="Kitty"]  There certainly was a thread about this in the past but it was probably 3 or 4 years ago and I can't find it. [/quote] Hello Kitty, good to see you posting[:)]
  14. 70th Anniversary of Saint Nazaire Raid | On 28th March 1942 the Royal Navy's HMS Campbelltown mounted a raid on Saint Nazaire dock at what seemed like impossible odds of success The inscription on the Saint Nazaire memorial reads: “In proud memory of those who gave their lives in the attack on Saint Nazaire on 28 March 1942. They achieved much having dared all.” http://gb.saint-nazaire-tourisme.com/actualite/1280
  15. Tune of the day . . . Python Lee Jackson & Rod Stewart[8-|]    
  16. [quote user="Chancer"] From the very little that I saw when I was in the UK, trailers for the impending program I had firmly came to that same conclusion Nick. just how appalling is my english grammar now, and I dont even know how to correct it [:(] [/quote] symbolic of the state of the nation perhaps and no hope for the cynics but I believe that in addition to saving british industry, most men realise for their benefit, that knickers are for ladies pleasure, not just for Christmas[Www] (5od the gramer)[:)]
  17. me too, never thought that CGI was better than the real thing but gave it a go, so switched to Battle of Britain, saccharin and dated but at least tolerable.
  18. I'm sure that there are many men, who in the interest of British industry would be only too happy to splash out £10 on a pair of ladies knickers . . . Ladies only have to say the word . . . WB may back me up on this . . .[6]
  19. Will you save Britain's industry and your soul? British knicker-maker, Mary Portas brand is called “Kinky Knickers”. She describes them to tellyviewers, to her factory hands, to the head honcho at Liberty as “a bit cheeky, a bit naughty”. But her main point is that buying something made in Britain (by people who otherwise wouldn’t have jobs) will make people feel that they’re doing something – gulp – for their country, for their fellow-citizens and for their immortal soul. Buying Zimmerli’s knickers makes you feel “pleasure”. Buying Mary’s British knickers makes you feel altruistic. Not bad for 10 quid.  telegraph. Is-it-wrong-to-take-pleasure-in-my-knickers.  
  20. http://www.spectator.co.uk/books/7729033/who-are-the-losers-now.thtml I'm drawn to this to learn more about the unspeakable trauma suffered by my parents generation, obviously as do many others, but the discovery of the sensitivity in an area I have a house in France is even more stark. Some horrendous stats. but perhaps the worst acknowledgement is ''Poor Greece is a major loser, and rightly blames Germany, for its troubles originated in the Na2i occupation. Italy is another loser, with the world’s lowest birthrate and highest corruption. Spain benefited enormously by Franco’s victory, which kept it out of the war, and it prospered for half a century afterwards until the European Union dragged it down. Indeed, with one or two exceptions, all the members of the EU have been held back by its incorrigible bureaucracy and regulations. '' due for release on 5th April 
  21. I could have had some sympathy  . . . had he been getting help rather than shooting somebody, let alone an 8yr old girl. In China I read that felons shot by police were delivered to hospital for organ removal for the transplant bank so some good could come out of the situation, I wonder if he had his donor card on him?
  22. [quote user="Chancer"][quote user="cooperlola"] so that we get a forum we can use and which will attract advertisers so Archant bring it back up to scratch and keep it going.  Isn't that what we want? I'm as guilty as anybody of having had a good moan on this thread.  Mostly, I reckon all would have been much better if we had had advanced notice, then I think even Archant might have got a bit of a sympathy vote. However, I've made some good (genuine, not just cyber) friends on this forum.  I hope they don't leave because of an IT c*ck up and a poorly managed changeover.  The forum isn't about that - it's about mutual support and help plus a little fun either having a good rant or a good laugh.  Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water along with the toys.[/quote] This is an interim posting from me; frustration with the page jumping out of view all the time! I echo your sentiments and my reason for staying away is that I have nothing to offer except negativity, I do believe that if you have nothing good to say then say nothing  . I miss the forum, as it was, not the software but the postings, the community etc, my fear is that unless prompt action is taken and judging by the past I am sceptical that it will, then the damage, perhaps fatal has already been done. I do sincerely hope that I am wrong.[/quote] Me too, for most of the above, though I'm sure the forum will survive because it's about the users, and perhaps we'll laugh at the crash of 2012 next time, but I do find it a shame that more successful web designers weren't used, perhaps its down to budget, but you gets what you pay for. With the possible exception of another French forum I have not experienced such a debacle, here's hoping it will be sorted out. . .  eventually [quote user="Frederick"] You now know some web designer wizz kid is sitting at his desk in tears now dont you ? [/quote] I do hope so [:D]  
  23. [quote user="cooperlola"] I've just received this from another forum (no names, no pack drill) which is also making major changes: "The forum will be unavailable for use from approximately 9am to 5pm whilst we make changes to the software. We will do this as quickly as possible, however there is a lot involved behind the scenes so we would be grateful for your patience while we make the changeover and deal with any teething problems." Sorry chaps in charge of this (much friendlier and pleasant, imo) forum, but that's the way to do it.  [/quote] Don't forget this bit Coops - ''Once the changes have been completed, XX will automatically redirect you to the new site but in future you will be able to access the forum via  XX and click on Forum in the main navigation. Your existing XX login credentials will work for the new forum, so there will be no need to re-register.''
  24. The biggest problem is one of legibility, especially on a mobile where a more open, not a condensed font is beneficial, and a bigger x-height rather extra linefeed;  Trade Gothic rather than News Gothic, the mobile/computer screen is not a broad sheet, plenty of font catalogs out there. White space on brochure where there is no reflective screen maybe, but less stark contrast required on mobiles or computers benefit from a warmer background, white out not dark headings. [geek]
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