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  1. I don't know what it would take to so magnaminous -  family-murders-An-open-letter-from-the-grandfather-of-Sam-Becca-and-Charlie.
  2. As Jeremy Clarkson might say, It's the largest gentlemans sausage . . .  in the world![:P]
  3. [quote user="Val_2"] Our Parisien friend of over 20years promised his wife on her deathbed some 16years ago he wouldn't marry again, If I find someone else to share my life, no necessarily marriage or living together I will .[/quote] Quite so Val 2, me too; no need for him to break his promise either, no need to marry. Had my wife been here instead of me I'm sure she would have found company. At the risk of quoting cliche's, 'here and now' - 'we're here for a good time not a long time';  Crosby Stills Nash sang . . . particularly good version with James Taylor on this track. [quote user="sweet 17"] Val, how very sensible you are.  I don't want to talk about my wedding rings, all two of them,  [/quote] Awww Sweet, surely you'll tell us now . . .[:D]  
  4. [quote user="5-element"]  and Sky I reckon he should play to his audience and ride the Champs Elysées with a bowler hat on, when they get to Paris on Sunday. Perhaps with an umbrella tied to his bike too.[:P] [/quote] [:D] fortunately the news I've heard has been on the Beeb where curiously they have not mentioned *k*. just as well for me, is there anything they don't own? nonetheless great stuff to see him up there, and displaying that rare british trait, 'Sportsmanship', fingers crossed . . .
  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/general/others/tour-de-france-bradley-wiggins-hailed-as-le-gentleman-7945981.html  
  6. [quote user="cooperlola"]Madonna is somebody who doesn't usually feature on my radar but goodness, she's brave! I wonder what will come of this.[/quote] Uhh, maybe sell more tickets for Nice?[Www] [quote user="Clair"]Colour me cynical... I don't believe she does anything without PR as an ulterior motive... a bit like Katie Jordan Price in that respect... [/quote] What colour is cynical ? 
  7. [quote user="Mr Ceour de Lion II"]  entrepreneurship,  [/quote] We've been here before[:D] "The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur." -George W. Bush, discussing the decline of the French economy with British Prime Minister Tony Blair
  8. This was prompted by the BBC article below; If you were widowed or divorced what did you do with your wedding ring?, I didn't get one, my wife engraved a silver beer tankard with our wedding date! when she died I had intended to leave hers with her but the funeral directors insisted this not possible and returned it to me so I now wear it on my right hand (the ring . . . , the tankard is for ceremonial use only![:$]).  BBC- What did you do with your wedding ring  
  9. There you go, them double posts again [blink]
  10. They wouldn't have bothered me then, I don't leave anything much on my plate (War baby)[:D]  
  11. Needs of the business, at least PSA are awake even if France isn't; losing sales in southern europe, booming in China, new executive  Citroen-ds9-caught-undisguised saloon being built only in China, likewise a new Peugeot 4x4 to compete at X5 level,
  12. [quote user="idun"] So IF these women are no good gold diggers, what do the men get out of these relationships? Are men really that shallow that smooth talking, attractive women can wheedle their way into their beds and affections and they just let them? Not saying much about these men is it? I think that this is hilarious. [/quote] Are we are talking about the ex President of France here[:D] [quote user="Quillan"]With wealth comes the better things in life and the expectations of others. These guys are quite happy to pay for something nice to drape over their arm and with prenups etc it's not that expensive for those that have the money. So these women are just expensive ornaments or jewelry if you like, something nice on the arm.[/quote] I believe the phrase is 'Charm on the arm'[;-)]  
  13. Scary to discover how much of the drug scene is in rural France, This sad case demonstrates no matter how much money you have it seems, drugs can't bring happiness,   Tetrapak-heir-wife-dead-London-home-suspected-drugs-overdose.
  14. [quote user="cooperlola"]Rather reminds me of those wonderful Yes, Minister adjustable definitions.  "I'm a bit of a lad, he puts it about a bit, she's a tart."[/quote] If we're talking alternative cliches how about 'attention seeking gold digger' - too good to be a tart (?) but not to make this list - yet;  top-10-biggest-gold-diggers- [Www]    
  15. [quote user="Chancer"] I still dont get what all the hatred (maybe not the right word) is towards her, [/quote] Antipathy might be the right word, She is just such a Chancer[;-)] and calculating in her next target, with probably a few more to go imho; I just don't have a lot respect for the picture revealed when you join the dots up. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="Montcigoux"]Think for a moment about your use of language and what it implies. Would you describe either Mick Jagger or Donald Trump as "bed hopping Mick", or say "Donald's been round the block a few times"?  As for Mick Jagger his taste in women is definitely dodgy![/quote] Thank you for highlighting the hypocrisy and misogyny of the comments. [/quote] Rofl! Revised definition coming up, Surely it's a feminine given that Mick or Donald are bywords for Randy old fornicating lechers, (What's the feminine of misogyny)[6]  
  16. Lovely grub, we are quite lucky locally because there is an abattoir who will supply the animal, a restaurant who specialise in setting up your site, cooking and serving, and a local Traiteur who will also provide the service, I can't say how much but perhaps worth checking out these sources in your area.
  17. One for Chance All is revealed about  Carla-Bruni-in-Mick-Jagger- new-book , of whom Donald Trump said at the end of their affair, 'she was a woman who is very difficult to even like' Donald Trump[+o(] has she no taste[:P]  
  18. I usually refer to this as a mezze dish or melange, even a medley . . .
  19. Obviously the benefit of being a regular customer eh SD[;-)] I shouldn't laugh, my little runabout has just cost me more than it's worth for an MOT, (and it still wasn't as much as your ball joint!)[:D]  
  20. [quote user="andyh4"]I wonder what would have been the reaction here if they had sent a single car and there had been something amiss.[/quote] I'd like to think that ain intelligent single police car would have guided and stopped the coach off the motorway, then requested the passengers to report anyone seeing any smoke on board, perhaps having the discovered the cigarette, allowed everyone on their way with the minimum of inconvenience; or are we to assume guilty til proven innocent and every twat's report of smoke is a bomb scare[:P]  
  21. [quote user="Quillan"]  Must admit now I have a touch of arthritis in my shoulder I have given up flying as well. [;-)] [/quote] Porkies Q, I've seen you flying a few kites [:D]
  22. Finally the announcement that 'Pilot error after technical failure' was to blame,  Air-France-crash-due-to-pilot-and-technical-failings. though that doesn't explain why Captain Dubois took so long to return to duty? and reading this  Air-France-Flight-447-Damn-it-were-going-to-crash , incredible that the technical failure could all be in the Airbus design of the sidestick.
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