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  1. I can confirm that they offer a 10% discount to over 60's on phone bookings only, though for us after the first trip we found Newhaven was a nightie to get to and from, so back to Portsmouth.
  2. [quote user="NormanH"]They are not valid and you should send all such 10€ notes in your possession to NormanH Escro 13, Boulevard de l'Arnaque 34800 TroudecQ sur Mer [6] http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billet_de_10_euros [/quote] Please forward your RIB, Code Banque, Code guichet, No compte: to complete this transaction on receipt [:P]  
  3. [quote user="sweet 17"] Wouldn't you know, TQ, I have a property between Angoulême and Bordeaux (one hour to each place and one hour to the estuary) and, although not yet on the market, have been thinking about it now it's summer and there is a lot of grass to cut! [/quote] Don't forget Sweet's; bun in the oven, coffee pot on, fresh flowers on the table[Www]  
  4. Good choice![8-|] though I'd advise nearer the former than the latter, 16 beautiful (affordable) Charente; any particular reason to upsticks?  
  5. [quote user="cooperlola"] people who could not or would not delegate any responsibility, for fear that the person who followed them would either make a mess of it, or encroach upon their little bit of turf. [/quote] Human nature realistically, especially in the old monopolies, Civil service, LEA, the list goes on . . . [quote user="cooperlola"]   If we want businesses to grow, thrive and change, then we need new blood mixed with the old. [/quote] Absolutely, though I would have included the word competent in there somewhere, and unlikely to slot young new bloods into majority of posts vacated by retirees surely? [quote user="cooperlola"]  the departments I ran in my working life have not collapsed in a heap because I left.  If you leave a job and take knowlege with you without imparting it to those who work for you, then that reflects badly on you, imho, not on those you leave behind. [/quote] Ahh, would that it were possible to replace competent knowledgeable people with the young bloods straight out of college, usually there is a less productive period inbetween that being possible . . .
  6. [quote user="cooperlola"]  bonkers to pay young people dole money so that old f*rts can stay in their jobs for a bit longer.    [/quote] From experience one does not necessarily follow the other, the old f*rt may be the most pedantic old job's worth that you think you'll be pleased to see the back of, but at the end of the day his work is satisfactorily done; when he finally shuffles orft, a few interviews with bright young things later you realise the depth of ability and experience is missing even in the most arrogant graduate, despite their opinion that they can single handedly replace him (and you for that matter) just doesn't happen; even after optimistically taking them on you discover that they need years of training and experience. Once around this block leads the employer avoiding retraining programmes they can't afford; searching around for the experienced people who are already safely esconced somewhere. Young guys still unemployed and waiting to find the elusive company able to train and take the long term view, but that cycle has already been broken. Except of course flipping burgers at maccy d's . . .  
  7. Yesterday at Portland Bill the sea was boiling, and looked ominous, if not as spectacular as the Mail's, at least. . . I was there![8-|] [IMG]http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh166/classic69_72/PortlandBillboilingsea2.jpg[/IMG]
  8. I see you are not intent on doing the final wiring and will eventually have an electrician to complete the installation. I'm not sure if you already have electricity or need a meter installed, either way any connection will either require an electrician to take responsibility for that connection or for an independant conseil inspection, so it's probably best to arrange to meet an electrician at the property this trip; ask for a devi and his advice on what work he would be happy for you to undertake.
  9. I wonder if her maj will take up Hula after Grace Jones at the Concert - Bizarre[:D]  
  10. Not a problem with CL (though I understand she has a house in Paris for which she is also relieved of any need to pay local taxes) but the gaff with Greece was a turning point for the build-up I've noticed with the number of politicians who receive this T&C clause avoiding tax, including many in the UK, LEA and other local authority employees seem to have negotiated this or found other means of 'invoicing' salaries; (Ken Livingstone, a high profile case in point previously mentioned) What with the tax rules applying to anyone domiciled in a country being inclusive of all who choose there? I believe it is sending the wrong message.
  11. [quote user="Christine Animal"] or zis   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBVbW4700uE   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8MzQxz3PYQ  made your link live Frederick (I hope).   [/quote] [:D][:D][:P][:D][:P][:D][:D][:P][:D][:P]
  12. I can't see that Madame Lagarde is likely to get the Greeks onside with her performance, and no matter how damaged they are or become, the eec needs them more, once they're gone the gates are open. I'm sure we'd like Obama and Cameron to perform too, but whatever, at least they pay their taxes[:P]  
  13. The thrust of my comment was not just CL (I believe when the IMF was set up in 1944 the tax free remuneration was objected to by the UK and dismissed by the US), but the Hypocrisy of the ilk of many Political and Civil servant positions where either their t&c or the method they choose to be paid escapes tax, (why not just pay them more and let them pay tax to maintain the principle of taxation?). This is rife even in UK (witness Ken Livingstone); by allowing these loopholes, a bad precedent and example is set separating them from the common man who is expected to pay and encourages others to look to avoidance, why wouldn't they feel loopholes are justifiable?  
  14. Is she not living in Paris, and her income subject to the French tax regime?
  15. [quote user="pouyade"]Sebo - we have 3 all working well at 25, 20 and 10 years old respectively, with regular tlc obviously. Spare parts v easy to get - brushes, filters etc - and easy to fit. Pouyade[/quote] I second that, my Sebo is a mere 12 years old and still going strong with no tlc required, recommended as the one to have by  johnlewis.Sebo  
  16. You might have little time for the euro, but who couldn't have a little (little I said) sympathy for what the Greeks now have to go through for past mismanagement; Lagarde said - ''It's payback time: don't expect sympathy '' Take responsibility and stop trying to avoid taxes, International Monetary Fund chief tells Athens and yet the IMF boss who caused international outrage when she suggested that Greeks should pay their taxes earns a tax-free salary! As an official of an international institution, her salary of $467,940 (£298,675) a year plus $83,760 additional allowance a year is not subject to any taxes, her pay and benefits package is worth more than American president Barack Obama earns from the United States government, and he pays taxes on it. Christine Lagarde-pays-no-tax
  17. [quote user="Rose"][quote user="just john "]Gosh! Kitty & Rose posting! Almost like old times ;-)[/quote] ahhh - have you missed us [:D] (p.s. thanks Britgirl) [/quote] Certainly have, stuck in the UK trying to finish an over-running project, all work and not much play, can't wait to get to a few musical soiree's en France  in or out of a street party!
  18. Amongst the projects lying around, last year I had a couple of trees felled ready to mature, one oak, and one Walnut, I have a couple of (american) books on building garden furniture but not immediately to hand [:)], anyway lots on t'internet, heres one - http://www.buildeazy.com/park-bench-imp-1.html good luck[:D]  
  19. [quote user="You can call me Betty"] NOT ONE could identify or name any of the following: David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband, Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone, The 3 main UK political parties. Incidentally, these are not holiday home owners here in the UK, they're permanent residents with jobs who pay UK taxes. They're also ALL very fluent in English. [/quote] Need to know basis[:P]
  20. Gosh! Kitty & Rose posting! Almost like old times ;-)
  21. [quote user="Quillan"] I can sing, I like to sing, I really love karaoke but the strange thing is they always make me wait till last to sing, strange that. [:(] If its a request night they normally ask me to sing "Far, Far Away", never did learn the lyrics. [/quote] Good choice Q, here you are, one for the jubilee party, go for it! Far Far Away I've seen the yellow lights go down the Mississippi I've seen the bridges of the world and they're for real I've had a red light on the wrist Without me even gettin' kissed It still seems so unreal I've seen the morning in the mountains of Alaska I've seen the sunset in the east and in the west I've sang the glory that was Rome And passed the hound dog singer's home It still seems for the best And I'm far far away with my head up in the clouds And I'm far far away with my feet down in the crowds Lettin' loose around the world But the call of home is loud still as loud  I've seen the Paris lights from high upon Montmartre And felt the silence hanging low in no mans land And all those Spanish nights were fine It wasn't only from the wine It still seems all in hand And I'm far far away with my head up in the clouds . . . I've seen the yellow lights go down the Mississippi The grand Bahama island stories carry on And all those arigato smiles Stay in your memory for a while There still seems more to come. And I'm far far away with my head up in the clouds . . .
  22. [quote user="Kitty"]Well, well, well.  What a can of worms I seem to have opened.  But I still feel British (after all, I am British) and would love to celebrate the Jubilee with other Brits or French. [/quote] What a great post Kitty, you should post more often! - 6 pages - 42 posts - 735 views; even if slight acerbic, vibrant discussion. It has brought out a few serious points, pity sometimes it's not in the bar over an apero where the glint (steely or twinkle) in the eyes can be seen; As Harry Hill says There's only one way to find out [:D]  
  23. [quote user="powerdesal"] [quote user="idun"] I have to say that I don't quite understand the last bit of your post Just John. Well the bigotry bit. - Please explain. [/quote] Definition of a Bigot:- a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group with intolerance. However, IMHO there is a tendency towards intolerance, particularly directed towards ''some'' Brits by other Brits.[/quote] The above quotes answer queries on my post I hope, which wasn't directed at anyone specifically nor to cause offence, except to say that IMHO there is, as powerdesal comments, running through this and other threads negative comments directed to ''some'' Brits by other Brits. Irrespective of the French attitude to some Brits (which seems to run from love to hate), this is an english forum set up to assist understanding of the requirements of living in France rather than sniping. For myself I didn't come to France to escape other Brits, nor to be a born again Frenchman, but just to enjoy France, the French, and my maison secondaire. I didn't learn much Mandarin or Cantonese while working in China, and I must admit my schoolboy French is not brilliant but another hobby challenge when I have time, I have got by so far, thanks be to t'internet and the likes of this forum.  
  24. In answer to Kitty, (good to see you posting 'Kitty') as far as I know the local community in France has nothing arranged, even the locally english run restaurant; come to that nothing going on in deepest dorset either, and it's a really friendly street, lots of neighbours on more than a nodding acquintance, the local talk focussing on whether to be an unpaid(!) volunteer steward for the local olympic venue or to escape while it's on (mine's the latter). [quote user="Mac"]My goodness what a lot of vitriol this subject seems to have generated.The poor OP has not returned and I am not surprised give some of the comments on this post. There seems to be a lot of focus on street parties -of which there are only 2 mention in 22 posts of anyone attempting to organise one (posts 5 &6).I love 'You can call me Betty's post'' I do not think that years of permanent residence qualify anyone to set themselves up as a spokesperson for "The French". With a few notable exceptions, the one thing living there permanently does NOT make you, it's French.''. I have a neighbour- who has lived and worked in France for 15 years-who has a phrase ''born again French'' when discussing some English people who live in France.To paraphrase George Orwell-French good-English bad-seems to be their motto.[/quote] I have to concur with Mac though, whatever else the full timers (or any english spending time in France) think they are, they remain one of the minority english groups and will never be 'French'. I do find it obnoxiously paradoxical that such people use an english forum set up to assist understanding of the requirements of living in France, to vent their bigotry.  
  25. It must be done, though I've only ever done it as part of a club organised event, including a marque few laps of the circuit, and pit pass etc, we stayed at Chambre d'hote a few kilometres away, however one tip I can give (as given to me previously by a member of the forum[Www]) is that as a member, access to the members stand proved invaluable on the day. http://www.autoclub.fr/offers.asp  
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