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  1. Thanks to everyone for all the advice here and by email. We just returned having done the trip in the 8m long 3.3m high 7.5tonne horse lorry/van/motorhome thingy, all went very well for £68 return on Norfolk Line. They were fantastic, new boat, on time, great food, and no screaming kids !!!  
  2. I'm thinking of borrowing a friends horse lorry (7.5tonne 8.5m) to move all my stuff to France. Does anyone know how much it'll cost to take this on the ferry or a website which has a "lorry" option in the pricing. Also does anyone know where I can find out how much the tolls would be. Thanks  
  3. Try www.imperialselfdrive.co.uk I've used their Crawley branch a couple of times now, good selection of vans, all new, and very helpful. Good Value too
  4. I will be bringing an empty van back from Chatel in Portes du Soleil area of the Alps (near Geneva)on May 5th. Returning to Surrey. If you need stuff brought back drop me a mail. John
  5. I find it amazing the lengths people seem to go to try to justify their "Green Eyes". If you spent more time working instead of bitching about how otheres choose to spend their hard earned, then maybe you could join all of us who have made the decision to have a second home, whatever our reasons and financial circumstances may be. Yes I do have a second home, and no I can't really afford it, BUT that is MY choice.
  6. Having read all the doom and gloom accounts of French Banks on this forum, I was somewhat surprised by the experience I've just had with Banque Populaire des Alpes. Got keys to our Chalet in the AM, decided to check the local bank for current account & insurance as all quotes out of the UK seemed high. Got an immeadiate appointment, did all the account opening paperwork with English speaker, deposit, current etc. Got internet access, debit cards etc for 7 euros/month, hardly a huge amount. Insurance cost me 300 Euros for better cover of Buildings AND contents than I was being offered for £700 out of the UK. And yes we did declare 2nd home and all that. Overall an exemplary service at a great price so far.
  7. Hi, I take delivery of my Chalet next Wednesday and need to sort out insurance. Has anyone got any good suggestions of who to use. Doing it with a French company would seem more sense, are there any companies with websites for those of no linguisic ability though?
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