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  1. I have now managed to find out that water has got into the motor and ruined the motor which needs replacing. Still sounds a bit steep though.
  2. I have a friend and neighbour who has a Zodiac Indigo Robotic pool cleaner, I have the same model but a different name (Voyager x2) My friend's machine stooped working, so he took it to the local pool shop (without the control box), they said they would have a look, but if too complicated they would have to send it back to the manufacturer. They phoned him this morning to say that the repair was going to cost 900 euros plus tax, the machine only cost 1300 euros 3 years ago. I do not know what he problem is, but 900 euros seems very steep. Has anyone else had a simlar problem. Or/and can anyone recommend an independent specialist repairer my friend could try. Many thanks.    
  3. I have to say that I am pretty impressed with the picture quality on BBC HD it certainly makes viewing the olympics a real pleasure, especially when you compare it to an ordinary channel. I cannot wait to get the other channels in HD.
  4. I have just got a Humax Freesat Box from Comet in the UK, cost was £149, have now installed t here in France, but am a tad dissappointed as the only HD channel I seem to be able to get is BBC HD, am I right in thinking the others will be along later?
  5. Guys, Many thanks for your prompt responses, I think the reading was about 180ppm, so am I right in thinking that no action is needed Andrew? Many thanks.        
  6. Greetings, I have some friends who have a pool with a high TA reading, I consulted Terri TAMINEN's pool maintainence book, it advises adding Muriatic Acid, my friends duly visited ther local pool shop, who had never heard of such an acid, and sold them what I think is Hydrochloric acid. Now I know there are lots of pool shops who do not have much knowledge, I should now I have been to a few. But anybody tell me what one should add to reduce TA, my water is the opposite and the  TA often needs to be increased, and I know how to do that with bicarb of soda. Regards.    
  7. ChrisH A very useful and informative posting, I wish I had known this several years ago, but many thanks for the input.
  8. Problem now sorted, have managed to get it running, but am not sure what causd the problem in the first place?
  9. I would agree 100% with wiseinhindsight, we did the same, got 3 quotes, references, and visited some pools, but also make sure you check out there 10 year warranty (decenal) we thought we had with the comapny that built our pool, the company went into liquidation/recievership, so when we made a claim via their insurace company they told us that the company were not covered to build and install swimming pools, only general building and plumbing, so we were up a creek without a paddle. Apparently it is quite common for swimming pool installers not to have the right insurance cover. So be warned.
  10. Guys, I think I need to do another visit first, and I am looking after the pool as a friend, not for any financial gain. But point taken, more info required, Regards.    
  11. Greetings, I need help, a friends pool that I look after once week is giving me problems. For some reason when I visited yesterday the pump was running dry. I then tried in vain to prime it, but to no avail.I can see no blockages. I looked it up in Terri Taminens book, but could not make sense of it. Can anyone help me with a quick idiots guide. Many thanks.    
  12. JJ

    Another Scam

    Jetlag, Sorry, I do not know of any sites where you can post tel numbers etc, which would be useful for us all. Might be coincidence, but I am at Virollet, spitting distance from you at Chadeniers. A small world.
  13. Dear All, I recently recieved the below booking enquiry via the frenchentree.com site, I was unable to accomodate, so passed it onto a friend, needless to say it was a scam from the Ivory Coast, what threw us was that it was in french, the english language ones are easier to spot. The Enquiry: Bonjour M. et Mme, j'aimerais faire une location pour une periode de 2 mois à compter du 30 Aout 2008 au 30 Octobre 2008 pour 3 personnes dont 2 adultes et 1 enfant de 4 ans. Si disponible pour cette période, veuillez me faire parvenir la confirmation et un devis de ma location (montant total de ma location pour la période requise y compris les charges )et un contrat de location si possible ainsi que vos coordonnées bancaires. Je suis en attente de vous lire. Mr Gerard Perrin My friend later told me he outcome, which be useful for us all; They were sneaky buggers though even using DHL (an imitation of) to try and get money out of us. They even sent a web link to a false DHL company. Basically, when I said that i didn't take direct bank payments only cheques the swine tried to persuade me that for him to send the cheque via DHL (he even photocopied a completed cheque in our name and emailed it to me) I would need to pay the postage of over €300 to receive it. I even received an email from 'DHL' to confirm this. They really are b......ds aren't they? So be warned.      
  14. Just read the below, apparently the French are doing the same as the Brits do in this situation. yes panic buying. http://www.france24.com/en/20080519-france-protests-french-fisherman-angry-fuel-prices-costs&navi=FRANCE
  15. Sharkster, please hold off using the anti algae, I use to use it a couple of years ago, but after talking with Andrew (Poolguy) he persuaded me that it is not a good idea, in fact it is a very bad idea. I am no expert or chemist, but most anti algae compunds contain metals, these can build up in your water and can cause you many problems, you can end up with a nasty cocktail, I should know I had some problems after using the stuff. I have not used it since You should not need it anyway if you keep on top of your levels etc.  
  16. I have just looked at the website supplied as a link by Sunflower, I thought I would see how many properties were on the site in my area, so I searched on Poitou Charentes, 2 beds, pool, and guess what, only one property came up on their database, so I would not hold your breath for lots of bookings from Dutch people if they have such a small database. The idea is good with the 3 languages, but there are loads of sites out there all after gite owners money.
  17. I would tend to agree with Cerise, the market is a saturated one, especially in the Charente and Charente Maritime. But that does not mean you cannot be a success. We had plans to have at least 3 gites, or a complex, but in the end we had to settle for one gite, however, it has been very popular averaging 26 weeks per year. Mind you, it does not provide enough income to live on. The main reason for our success is that the gite is big enough for a small family of two adults and 3 children, yet also ideal for couples, so bear that in mind. Also, one gite and one pool is a very popular option, although that may not be feasable in your case. Also, do not cut corners on fixtures and fittings, there are still loads of gites out there with tatty secondhand furniture wondering why they are not getting many bookings We are now in our 4th season. Good luck.  
  18. Mrs JJ visits local CPAM in Saintes as she is now working in order to change Carte Vitales etc. And guess what, no one has bothered to tell them about the recent changes ie the 14/12 and te more recent change about those on a E106, so it appears that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.
  19. Many thanks to you all. I have found UK site that offers superb prices on a great range, and delivery is only £12 per pair of tyres to France. You have to order them via their 0845 number as the website is only geared up for the UK, but there is a French website, which I have not tried. I have no financial interests in this company. The site is www.blackcircles.com or the French website is at www.blackcircles.com/francais  
  20. Below is a link to an article by Bill Blevins for the latest edition of Living France magazine. Come on Living France get your act together, it is well out of date, there is no mention of the ruling on 14/12/07 http://www.livingfrance.com/expert-advice-healthcare-expert-financial-advice-latest-health-care-ruling--14082
  21. Can anyone out there recommend a website that delivers discounted tyres here in France? Many thanks
  22. Misconception, salt water pools still produce chlorine, otherwise the pool would not be sanitised. If people are getting stinging eyes, skin probems and bleached cossies it is nothing to do with what type of system, it is just too much chlorine in whatever form, this is poor pool management, regular testing and keeping a close eye on the levels is the proper way to eep a balanced healthy pool. And please forget test drops and strips, they are a waste of time and money, there are much better pieces of testing equipment available now. I am amazed that some people only check their levels once a week. A day is a very long time for a pool, let alone week.
  23. Colin, I am not sure if the legislation came in or not, I am sure PoolGuy will be able to tell us. Getting rid of waste water, well like most of us I end up discharging it into a soak away, which is not ideal. As far as changing to a conventional pool, not too complcated as far as I am aware you may need to change the water, but not too sure. The salt will eventually dissapate with evaporation etc. When my salt water generator is not working I oten top up with chlorine tabs and eau de javel (bleach) which is the same as liquid chlorine, but a lot cheaper than expensive poolshop products. Hope this helps. I am surprised there have not been replies from salt water pool owners defending them?
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