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  1. Hi Def. new battery, first time I had this some years ago, I sorted all round the house to find the noise, we had three fitted in differant rooms. ColinE
  2. Hi beccvi. I have organised a few rallies in France over the last 20 odd years, not so much as treasure hunts, that maybe a differant thing, the most I have had on a rally was 38 cars, we stayed at a hotel in the Sarthe, I made some visits possible, topped off with a drive around the Le Mans circuit, it was quite somthing. That was the best one I organised. What we do is sort out a route, give the punters a copy of it and send them off, nothing to taxing, meet up for lunch some where that has been pre arranged, then work back to the hotel or where ever for dinner in the evening, but what I learnt was all the people MUST be in the one hotel for dinner other wise it does not work. We have spent a lot of time in the Bergerac area, also in Biscarrosse area. couple of years ago in Vannes. but nothing in Calais area, thats southern England is it not. and most of the rallies I have done has been over two days, a road run each day. It is differant in France to England, they are not so fussy as over here, I have a french friend who I consulted about this, he spoke to a friend in the local cop shop, and was told unless you have many cars 50 plus there was not a problem, over here you have to write to RAC and permission and supply a route map,  which of course costs money, I had in England one year a guy had moved into the area where we were going through, objected, he had only lived there a couple of months, in England people do not like classic cars, which we drive, in France they cannot get enough of them. Hope this maybe of interest to you, if I can help further please drop me a mail. ColinE
  3. Hi Just given out on the Television that they have gone into liquidation, 8oo jobs gone.   ColinE
  4. Hi. Sorry but that is not true, I have one and had it for three years, on an English credit card. Mine is with SANEF.   ColinE
  5. Hi Am not suprised, they are pricing their selves out of the market, I got a quote online 10 days ago for a car and two Adults and to kids. Portsmouth to Caen, next April, was quoted £475.forget it. Colin
  6. ColinE

    No pants

    Hi Isnt he GOLD FINGERS BROTHER. Colin E
  7. Hi Quillian. Read your posts about the specs, I have been buying mine from Specs4you website all the bells and wistles £120 done in seven days. Colin
  8. [quote user="f1steveuk"]Having worked in sports coverage, I'm still in contact with a lot of people who still do. Those that should know are saying Putin didn't go to Zurich, because he already knew Russia would get the vote............................. I actually worked in F1, and over the last ten years, four agreements have been signed to hold a Grand Prix in Russia. Each time it has never happened, but all the money that went in, dissapeared........................... [/quote] All the time Blatter and Platini are in charge we stand no chance, another stitch up by the europeons. I think we should pull out and leave it to them. Colin
  9. Hi DerekJ I had a leaflet come through about the FREE travel insurance, its a con, I am a diabectic type 2, never been a problem, can still drive etc etc, they quoted me £80 for the free insurance, just for me, I have insurance with HSBC for that amount for both my wife an I, no age retrictions or conditions, I wrote to Nationwide about this and the charging on cards in France, they said the diabetus was a notifiable complaint, nobody else has said so, and that the cards was only being used by I believe 12% of people, dont know what has to do with anything, typical answer always a get out by insurers and banks. Colin E
  10. Hi Leo Dont forget the time differants, and watches had not been reset. All I can say it was a long tiring day. Colin E
  11. Hi, The other day I was saying how good LD were in booking us on the Dieppe - Newhaven crossing yesterday. because of the Boulogne saga. The boat docked at Newhaven at 10.20pm it took another hour to get off and get to emigration, this after a 500 mile drive with another 1 1/2 hour drive home, and it was hissing down most of the way home, we got in at 11.15pm last night, Knackered. Colin E
  12. Hi. Add me as well, we are still in the UK, but always seem to get a straight answer from Dave, long may he reign. Colin E
  13. Hi. Had a letter from them this morning offering FREE travel insurance vie the flexaccount, another con, I am a type 2 Diabetic have been since 2001, never had a problem in that time cleared by the doctor and the DVLA, but had that thrown at me this morning when I made in inquiry, they wanted £80 just for me, we have travel insurance with NO restrictions with the HSBC Patinum card. Also in the letter this morning says we now have to pay to draw money out in France, The reason for changing to them was because of no fees for using the cards in France, I am now thinking of moving back to HSBC, I have also written Nationwide a stinking letter, which most likely will end up in someone bin. ColinE
  14. Hi Futher to my last email, LD telephoned me, this afternoon to ask if I had had the message that our ferry had been cancelled on the 6th Sept, yes I said I have answered it on an email, the lady asked if I could wait a minute or two, yes thats ok I said, I told her I asked them to book me back from Dieppe, this was done there and then no fuss mess or charge. and have already recieved the new booking confirmation. I believe she done well, thanks LD. ColinE
  15. Hi What a bummer we are due back fom France on the 6th Sept, had a garbbled text message from LD this morning with a phone number, the woman speaking the message was talking so fast it was impossible to understand her/ recording, after several times, got the misses to listern neither could she. Came on the email and found one from LD, I have told them to rebook us on the 6th from Dieppe, so will now have to wait and see what happens, I had rung the number on the ticket, where I was told they were stopping the service, are you going under I asked the guy, he said no,we are just giving up the Dover/Boulogne service. Colin E
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