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  1. Hi

    I cannot vote but look forward to seeing who has the most red faces after the result whatever it is

    Forget the EU the UK will never be the same again, to many arguments a bit like a divorce
  2. All these guys record your activity

    Acuity Ads






    Amazon Associates


    Audience Science














    Facebook Exchange (FBX)


    Google Adsense

    Google AdWords Conversion

    Google Analytics

    Google Dynamic Remarketing


    Index Exchange (Formerly Casale Media)

    Integral Ad Science









    Neustar AdAdvisor

    Omniture (Adobe Analytics)






    Rocket Fuel


    ScoreCard Research Beacon




    Turn Inc.


  3. Autoroutes are great time and mileage routes, you do not have to use them, for free try other roads it's your choice I do not understand your complaint
  4. Hi

    What signal are we talking about WIFI, terrestrial TV satellite or phone

    Betty and Buster two Border Terriers
  5. Hi

    Check out Brico Depot's cat


    Page 35
  6. " The oddest thing is every one driving at the speed limit"

    If you are a French resident seems sense but with Uk plates you can often get away with it

    With French plates had a blast around the M25 years back flashed 8 times at no cost
  7. Hi and welcome

    Not sure what you are after, but google "overhead shower rose" it's not too difficult to match up metric and imperial pipes with plenty of silver solder
  8. "The original effort was abysmal and nothing more than pathetic."

    How right you are, it's your your post

    As a non believer I still have a bible which I have read many times, my prename is one of the apostles even gave my daughter the name Rebecca, old family names are Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Amos

    I am sure these characters existed in the past but as for afterlife heaven etc for me it's the Michael Jackson's "This is it "
  9. What's your point Mohammed and arabic names are much later than Christ He and his friends were born and named as Jews

    Not Christians

    ps I am a non believer but Richard Head comes to mind

  10. Hi

    Try as you might no Marie will issue CdS to a UK citizen We tried years ago and that was years after having been instructed to get one

  11. Hi

    Its for not road use that you require so the AnOther above advice is odd, stick it in a packing case and it's just an insurable item regardless of where you live
  12. Hi

    I am not aware of any time restriction of driving outside of France under a French insurance policy where/what are the conditions in your contract

    In English terms you have 12 months Green card

    If they are adverse, in the UK seek a lloyd's broker and it will be easily sorted

    PS I was a broker 30 years back and cover then was easily available

    PPS Find a local betting office and make a bet your bike will not be nicked at favorable odds it beats most insurance costs
  13. Hi

    I suggest you find a local Brit with a decoder and see if you can try it on your system You are near enough to the UK to eliminate the new narrower satellite transmissions

  14. Never knew why he called himself quillan I had the misfortune to live there for 3 months a sad neglected town as far as I am aware he lives in Axat 15 minutes up a mountain even more sad
  15. . BUT, if you open an account with Credit Agricole in your new area, THEY CAN TRANSFER THE WHOLE ACCOUNT LOCK STOCK AND BARREL FOR YOU.

    It is difficult to render me speechless but

    You will be, it took me over 4 painful months to change CA branch's total crap I ended up having to write all the letters and the pile of correspondence was immense
  16. [quote user="NickP"] I would suggest you read what others write and mean, not what you think they say or mean; especially as you seem read and reply late at night.[B][B][/quote]

    I read what you write but can you tell me what you mean , with the beers

    " especially as you seem read and reply late at night"

    Its not even English grammar

    be honest
  17. Hi

    Youdo not a necessary need dams Ok the Aude starts with a dammed lake but downstream there are many weirs producing cheap clean energy
  18. I did he uses hydroelectricity, its green , in the long term the best
  19. [quote user="dave21478"][quote user="grumpyaudeman"]Hi

    You cannot get much greener than Hydroelectricity[/quote]

    Brilliant contribution. Now all he needs to do is build a mountain, a lake, a turbine plant and then pray for rain.


    Read the post its his existing power supplier
  20. As you said "who" rather than "I don't give a fig" and" I couldn't give a monkeys' to me suggests the contra

    Yep Gloucester born Gloucester bred strong in the arm and thick in the head but legged it due to the odd British idea of superiority

    Why did you have a knock at those who live in the South I have enjoyed the Correze and Pays Basque and now the Aude what have you tried
  21. [quote user="NickP"]Who gives a flying fig? As I'm a UK resident and changed up enough money earlier when the pound was valued at 1.43. to fill up the oil tanks, fill up the wood shed,  put enough in the French bank account to pay all of this years French  taxes and bills on my French holiday home, I couldn't give a monkeys. It's just the money men doing what they always do, manipulating the rates. when they go up they earn, when they go down they earn. Of course if you live in a barrel in a deprived area  in the south and depend on a pension then I understand your worry. Shame that the oracle from Quillan is still not around to give us the benefit of his wisdom about finances. Also It's good for me when the pound falls as the value of my French house increases should I wish to sell. [:D]


    Its nice to be reassured Brits with plenty of dosh, two or more homes do not give a fig for others less well off I am glad I left your country 20 years back
  22. Hi

    You cannot get much greener than Hydroelectricity

  23. Hi

    Was this a message from the UK, or France perhaps a time when the Plough was aligned with something Is it a english or french originator

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