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  1. Hi again, I think the issue should be fixed now... The privacy pop up has stopped appearing every time I click on something now so hopefully it's the same for everyone else too. If not, please let me know and I'll go back to the web developers.
  2. Hi everyone, Really sorry about the privacy pop up appearing constantly. It should only appear once and our website developers are looking in to the issue and trying to fix it. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, I appreciate that it is really annoying.
  3. We're looking for Brits from Newbury in Berkshire or the surrounding area who own a property in France or have moved to France to interview for a website article to tie in with our next French Property Exhibition at Newbury in March. If interested, please email [email protected] or send me a PM. Thanks,
  4. Hi, I'm Emma the Digital Editor for this website. Just wanted to say that we are aware that the forum is slow and we're sorry if this affects your enjoyment of it. The main problem is that the forum software is old. And although the website as a whole was upgraded to become mobile responsive, the forum software itself hasn't been updated for a while. Our developers are aware of it and we have asked for the software to be updated but we don't know if or when this will happen. Some people find that it works better on different browsers. For me it is quicker on Firefox or Internet Explorer than Chrome. I only began as Digital Editor in January and before that no one was really responsible for this website which is why in the past, users may have felt no one was listening to their complaints. This has changed now and I'm always happy to hear from you with problems and suggestions. You can PM me on here and I will do my best to address the problems. Thanks,
  5. Hi, If you've checked the other thread you will already have seen this but there is an explanation of who is eligible to vote in the EU referendum and how to register here: http://www.completefrance.com/living-in-france/news/uk_expats_should_register_to_vote_in_the_eu_referendum_1_4427774 Hope you find this useful.
  6. In case you want to know the official laws about foreign motorists caught speeding in France: An EU law came into effect in May 2015 that meant police in EU countries could access driver information from other EU countries in order to pursue foreign drivers caught speeding or committing other motoring offences. The UK (along with Ireland and Denmark) opted out of the directive on the grounds that the cost of implementing the system would outweigh the income gained from penalty charges. They have been given until 2017 to implement the law.
  7. My apologies for the link not being clickable and thanks to those who pointed out and corrected my mistake. Now that it is, I hope it is useful to some of you. We are planning some articles about the referendum and the possible 'Brexit' so it would be interesting to hear your thoughts/concerns about the issue. If by 'Fingers' you mean me, then my name is Emma and I'm a she. I hope that answers your question!
  8. Now that the date for the EU referendum in the UK has been announced, don't forget to register to vote and have your say. Expats who left the UK less than 15 years ago and were registered previously are eligible to vote in the referendum. You will find information on how here: http://www.completefrance.com/living-in-france/news/uk_expats_should_register_to_vote_in_the_eu_referendum_1_4427774
  9. Hello, I am the new Digital Editor for the Complete France website. We are looking for some volunteers to become forum moderators to work alongside our existing moderators to monitor this forum. If you are interested, please PM me. Thanks
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