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  1. Conforama.....plenty of choice, great price, helpful designer, more 'french' than Ikea etc. Aly
  2. I have two french credit cards, not deferred payment cards, but exactly the same as in the UK. My (French) colleagues in work also use actual credit cards, so I don't think that they're at all unusual.  I suspect this idea arises because relatively few Brits have French work contracts and monthly payslips which are required on application.   Aly
  3. [quote user="Gluestick"] Bricodepot tend to be the cheapest in fact. If just two of you go for a 200 litre jobbie. That does us and son when there: three showers per day: and sometimes another in the evening. Never run out as yet even with guests too. As always: scope out the prices all around.     [/quote]   Why 200 litres?    Chez nous:  family of four, 50lt tank, never run out of hot water yet.....of course if you waste lots of water every day on unnecessary showering..... Aly, peintre en batiment
  4. Thanks everyone,   Mike has now been sorted. Aly
  5. Mike is a 4 year old rough haired Teckel/terrier cross, black grey and white, great with children and cats. Since my children left home he has become more and more miserable, and he really isn't happy, no matter what we try. I have owned dogs all my life, and Mike has the loveliest nature of any of them. Mike likes a busy home, where he can be in the middle of things although he would love a home with an older person who would appreciate loyalty and companionship.  He likes nothing more than helping in the garden or lying beside you in the sun. Please can any of you help?  Mike deserves a much happier life than he has at present. Thank you, Aly PS. Mike lives in northwest Mayenne, on the 53/35/50 borders
  6. [quote user="BIG MAC"]I am only 46 maybe in another 14 years............[/quote]   Cheeky sod!   I bought my Yamaha X Max 2 years ago at 48 after a very nasty motorbike crash, and I've never looked back! I have lots of under seat storage and soft panniers and regularly do our week's shopping with it. It's a great big aggressive looking machine ( very Darth Vader-ish) , really economical to run, and turns heads everywhere I go. (The best bit for me is that I no longer have to change gear, virtually impossible since the accident). It's also nice that other motorcyclists here have no snobbery about  big scooters and accept you as a bonafide "motard". Still on two wheels, Aly
  7. Hello there, Can anyone tell me if it's possible to re register a UK car without any registration documents.....we've been offered a really good UK reg car, but they can't find the documents for it. It has been in France for the past 4 years. I suspect not, but I would love to be proved wrong. Thanks in advance, Charlotte
  8. No, it won't.  Everyone still has to prove their qualifications, thank goodness! Aly
  9. Hello there, Why do you not need a siret number?  Surely that has nothing to do with your regime, rather it proves your qualifications to perform metier occupations. If you won't need a siret number to do this work, how would your clients know that you were actually qualified (and therefore legal) or not. I have visions of lots of dodgy characters using a loophole like this to jump on the bandwagon of 'almost' legal status and making it even more difficult for us qualified artisans to earn a crust. I'm really hoping you are wrong on this one, Aly
  10. Hello Nell, Whereabouts  are you? (They're not all horrible!) Aly
  11. Well,  on Monday afternoon we found our new snake.  She's called Akira and is a Californian Milk Snake.  We bought her from a pet shop beside Castorama in Rennes and they were brilliant. Their animals are clean, healthy and well looked after and the reptile specialist gave my daughter lots of advice and tips even though she didn't really need them. (We've kept reptiles and snakes in N Ireland for donkey's years). Akira is settling in  nicely and is currently tucking into a juicy little mouse! Thankyou everyone for your comments, Aly
  12. My client's one is identical to one available locally for 160euros.   I wouldn't leave the price tag on.....I'd be too embarrassed! Aly
  13. Hello, Have any of you bought a snake or other reptile in France?  I'm hoping to buy a snake for my daughter within the next few weeks and just wondered about the standard of pet care in the pet shops here. They seem to be big affairs rather than the small personal shops we had in N Ireland. Any comments would be gratefully received. Aly
  14. JUust as an aside, I have a client who spent a whopping 600euros on a towel rail!!!  How the other half live! Aly  
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