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  1. hi just insured a 250 in uk, no no claims tpf&t, it was just over £100 for a good policy. My previous isurance last year in france was about 340 euros for toute risque policy for a 400 scooter with full bonus.
  2. sid, I'm after a lhd lense if they are indeed different.
  3. Hi thanks for that reply, will check when I return to the uk.
  4. hi want to buy a lhd glass for my uk spec 98 honda cb250 nighthawk for driving in europe. Done a search and cannot find a supplier, is the french name optique de phare? Anyone got any suggestions for a supplier, I think its a standard 7 or 8 inch lense, not sure as bike is in uk. Thanks
  5. hi It looks as if we will have to wait until my wife is in receipt of her oap. Just hope uk in the meantime doesn't exit the eu.
  6. vespa 150 sportive lambretta gt200 honda cb200 suzuki gt500 honda c90 hondac90 honda 90 cub suzuki burgman 125 k5 suzki burgman 400 k7 1998 honda cb250 w nighthawk (current) I prefere light economical bikes. honda 90 cub most impressive commuting bike.
  7. hi an old biker friend who hasn't had a bike for a long time recently visited india and had some great fun with his wife on the back of a re 350. He even said it leaked oil! I'm trying to get him to buy another bike for use in the uk where he lives (nothumberland). I sold my scooter a burgman 400, kept at our french holiday home, last year and just recently bought a honda cb250 1998, for the uk I'm actually sending my friend links to similar ones for sale. For around a grand you can get an almost immaculate traditionally styled commutor/cruiser, I for one don't like the styling of most modern bikes. A 250 will have to do, I find driving in the uk very trying, will pick my routes, mainly secondary roads through yorkshire, durham, cumbria and northumberland. If I graduate to a bigger bike again, I would look at a s/h bmw cs650 single. One thing I don't like is weight, the little honda is less than 140kg, 200kg is too much for me. I would never have a big bike, only ever got up to a 500 in my youth and it was too fast for me then. I just love being on two wheels.
  8. hi change the oil and filter use correct type and fully synthetic.
  9. Hi I bought a stoves cooker from the uk and installed it here in france. I have my bottle in the next room so a metal pipe has to go through the wall in an appropriate cobduit. I have no leaks and it has been working fine for over two years. When we sell the house I will undo all the work and take the cooker with me. If you do work correctly you will not have any operational problems. I do all my own work, building and mechanical,, I just don't trust another to do my work.
  10. hi I drive to the uk about once every 12 months, the other times I fly, perhaps 4 round trips a year.  If I had to drive them it would cost too much.  We find it makes sense to have a car at both ends. 
  11. Unfortunately the cost is significant to most of us. 
  12. I agree Tony some people have come to france with uk benefits and are treating them as income by right, i.e it can never be withdrawn.The government can and do alter their rules. 
  13. hi Daffie, be positive you are not as incapacitated as you thought, 3 is a long way short of 15.  Throw your energies into finding work, whether in france or the uk. 
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