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urgent - english speaking dr. 19/24/46?

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I know posts requesting 'english speaking' this that and the other can get flack but i wouldn't ask if i wasn't desparate!!! Can anyone recommend an English speaking Dr. in the Dordogne or even dept 19 or 46 please?
Best Regards
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>I know posts requesting 'english speaking'
>this that and the other
>can get flack but i
>wouldn't ask if i wasn't
>desparate!!! Can anyone recommend an
>English speaking Dr. in the
>Dordogne or even dept 19
>or 46 please?
>Best Regards

There is a doctor in Bretenou (46 - just over the border in Lot) who speaks English - the surgery is in the main street. In Aynac our very little local town (46) the doctor speaks enough English and me enough French for us to get by - and he is only 2km from our barn.

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Where are you, we are in the north Dordogne near La Coquille and Chalus and our doctor speaks some english and there is also one in La Coquille and Perigueux.

E mail me if they will be any use as I have phone numbers and further information if you want.

[email protected]
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