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Well, all good things must come to an end

Tony F Dordogne

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I've been in this Forum whilst it's gone through (I seem to recall) 3 systems changes and my current membership has been valid since 10 April 2005, which is when we got back online after moving to France in January 05.  Seen a lot of people come and go in the 8 years or so I've been on here, seen postings that are good, informative, tragic, abusive, funny, silly, bordering on the downright stupid and helpful.  Shared some of our great and not so great experiences of living in France and have found one or two people who we've met who have become good, firm and kind friends and have met some people in cyber space that I wouldn't want to know at any level.

But, all things must come to an end and I've decided it's time to fold my tent and steal off into the night, I'm sort of doing life laundry with other things and France Forum is one of the things to go.

We both still love France, with all its quirks, its bizarre administration, its problems, its politics and we both think that moving here for our early retirement was the very best thing we could do, we're both really happy and so pleased we found our small house out in the woods with our wonderful garden and woods which I'm now (health permitting) going to concentrate on more than I have been.

So, farewell, have great lives, for those living in France bon courage and for those who aspire and have dreams of living in France full-time, they can be a great as you imagine them to be with a little application, some patience, a smile and some good nights sleep.  And please, if anybody tells you that they're/you're being ripped off by the French because you're a Brit, just ask yourself whether you would want to be speaking to this wazzok in the UK!

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Sorry you're going, Tony, as you have contributed so much - and not just to this forum.

Can you let us know a way of passing posters (like our new one today) on to your DLA-savvy colleagues if they need any help on that subject?  We can quote your post on that thread but it wouldn't help them get access to the Facebook pages, would it? 

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[quote user="Tony F Dordogne"]

Will be here until this evening, dealt with that thanks WB.

If I delete my profile, will that also delete all my messages, all the DLA stuff too?  And Mods around can clarify please?


I don't think you can actually delete your profile - the mods may have to ban you.[;-)] In any case it wont remove old postings

You can change the site options to not receive emails or email notifications of your posts though

Good luck in the future, in whatever you do.



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