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Septic Tank spam mail

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Is anyone else out there getting junk mail claiming to be about septic tanks? I say 'claiming', as I delete anything I haven't asked for or don't recognise.

Just wondered if it was someone who'd hacked into this site? Though my e mail address here is disabled.

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Jongleur says he keeps getting junk mail about septic tanks as well. We always delete mails if we don't recognise the name or have not requested the subject matter. We have no idea from where our details were obtained, however, Jongleur claims to have no idea where the mails re dating singles and Russian brides are coming from either!!

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My husband gets all these spams that have been mentioned on his yahoo account. So not linked to this site I don't think.

What annoys me is that they don't always go to the bulk folder and I too would love a return to sender button without having to open the things.
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