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  1. Hi There is an exhibition of photography by Jean Christophe Garnier at the Thé Gallery, Montmorillon, from this Saturday (21st Avril) for 1 month. If you are in Montmorillon on Saturday 21st at about 6pm, pop in for the opening (vernisage). You’ll find the Thé Gallery in the rue Prépaudière, just off the main road through Montmorillon (behind Credit Mutual bank) Paul
  2. Hi All Just to let you know that Mary Cooper is officially opening her new salle de conference/exposition on Sat 7th. Starting at 2pm there will be work on display from local artists, childrens stories, poetry readings, a swap a plant area and Sharon (MOH) will be giving a demonstration of glass painting. You'll find the Thé Gallery behind the Credit Mutualle bank, which is on the main road through Montmorillon. Hope to see you Saturday Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/
  3. Hi Sheena and Paul. I'll be driving past you, 6.15 every morning on the way to work. We're in La Villecharault, about 5 mins from you. Good luck Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/
  4. We're looking at the Atlantic coast. Probably somewhere between Royan and the Vendee. Thanks Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/
  5. Hi We live in the Vienne (86) and as we are not having much luck in selling our touring caravan, we thought we'd look for a site near the coast where we could leave it all year. We'd use it for short breaks and maybe let family and close friends use it too. Does anyone know of somewhere no more than about half hour from the coast? Merci Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/
  6. Hi Zeb Are you still looking for someone? We know a guy in Montmorillon who specialises in this sort of thing. We'll get his contact info if you wish. Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/
  7. I'm seeing a Bev and Steve at the weekend. I'll pass on your details. Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/
  8. There's a Hyper U in Montmorillon and they do very reasonable van hire. I had one for a few days back to the UK no prob's. Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/
  9. For anyone who's in the area this weekend, there's a Marché de l'artisanat on the old bridge in Montmorillon. It's part of the Salon de l'Image et de l'Ecrit. Sharon will be there if you'd like to say hello. Mention you're a Living Francer and I'm sure you'll get a small discount. Spend a couple of hundred euros and you've got a friend for life Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/
  10. It's got to be the language. How I regret giving up French at school when I was 14. We've made great progress, but everything is 100 times harder if you've not got a good grasp of it. There are other things that we didn't know about, some good some bad. But for us, that's all part of the adventure of moving here. All the best Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/ PS If your neighbours found it cold here, what will they make of NZ?
  11. There's bike racing at the Circuit du Val de Vienne. I've got meet dates on my 'Tourist page' and there's a link to their site if you want more details. http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/la_trimouille_vienne.htm All the best Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/
  12. You've partly answered your own question. The first thing you've got to do is get mobile. Even if it's only a scooter. I can't see the Charente Maritime being much different to the Vienne and around here people get involved by joining everything from pool teams to choirs. All depends what rings your bells. We live in a tiny commune, but even they have a Maison de Jeaune, which among other things organised a weekend skiing trip recently. For most things it doesn't matter how good or bad your French is as long as you try. They just love the Brit's getting involved. So get mobile and visit your good old local Mairie or maybe tourist office. One things for sure. If you want action, you're going to have to go to it, 'cause it sure ain't gonna come to you. Good Luck Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/
  13. Hi All We have been invited to enter a float in the Bastille Day carnival on the 14th July and are looking for volunteers to help make paper flowers and build the float (the comité des fêtes are getting a tractor and trailer for us). The theme this year is the cinema and we are doing a 101 Dalmations float, which should save a bit on the coloured paper costs. If you are interested please contact me and I will pass it on. It should be fun. We're already organising some wine and flower making evenings. Hopefully hear from you soon Paul, Sharon, Dee, Bobby, Andy, Holly etc etc http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/ http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/la_trimouille_vienne.htm
  14. There's a whopper at Poitiers. Head in on the 147 (or 151). When you hit the duel carriageway bit around Poitiers you'll see signs for it. If you want more detailed directions by all means mail me. Paul http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/
  15. Hi You can read about our experiences on the 'Tomlin's in France' bit of our website. http://www.unique-crafts-from-france.com/ We've 2 boys aged 10 and 8 and they've done very well. We know a few famillies who've come over with older children some have done okay some have struggled. Our boys go to school on a free school bus that picks them up at our gate. However, when they go up they'll have to meet the school bus at 7am in Journet, about 5 mins drive away. They'll be dropped off there at 5.30pm. I'm told that's free also. Good Luck Paul
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