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This could be contoversal, but I thought I'd try and make my request before it's too late.
So, what is my request? It's a fairly simple one, but as I say could be contoversal. I would like to see the removal of image files in signatures. I'm all for a small text signature, and I think that having your departement number in your sig (where applicable) is also a good idea. But pictures in signatures are a pain. They cause an already slow forum to load even slower. They irritate the eyes (especially animated gifs) and they nab my (and other peoples) already limited bandwidth.
I'm all for having pictures in posts - a picture is a better description of that tractor gone wrong for example, but I feel strongly that people with pictures and banners in their signatures ought not to have them there (especially banners - given your already fairly stringent rules on advertising).
Rant over!

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I think your plea is reasonable as I believe generally the people who want to display pictures, gifs, there own websites or images with signatures do it purely to emphasis their posting. They possibly have not considered the impact of slowing down the loading and effecting anyone who has limited bandwidth.

However, I believe there is a compromise which will not effect the previously mentioned points, which is to simply include a link by their signature giving everyone the choice whether to view or not.

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