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  1. The sun is out, the air is warm, the birds are cheeping, all I need now is a pint of bitter and the thwack of leather on willow..

    Rumour has it that there is a Cricket club in parthenay or at least somewhere in the deux sevres.. If such a thing exists, could someone be kind enough to post any details/contact info here please.



    *wanders off to put Ronnie Ross on the stereo*
  2. oh, and just to tack on to mazans post (he forgot to add this) the slots you found and could not identify would almost certainly be PCMCIA slots - about 2 and a half inches wide by 5 mm or so tall and usually two of them, one above the other.
  3. Funny that this subject has just cropped up as I was going to ask about importing an MG midget - if anyone has done so or is in the process of doing so could they let me know please,



  4. Jond -

    I think I'm right in saying that there was a forumee called Asterix(cks?) who has now left the forum for reasons best known to themselves.

    I'd also like you to know that you are not the only person sick & tired of having to de-cypher some of the posts.

  5. You'll have to speak to France telecom, as when we swapped from Numeris to DSl we had to change a shed-load of options around (such as call forwarding, caller ID and so on) also, just check that *every* phone has a filter in front of it.
  6. Sleep, sleep is always good.

    On a more serious note, try re-posting your queries under the "western france" section of the forum, where you might find more answers.

  7. like so many people, I'm having problems with the pile of steaming canine detrious that this forum has become, thus I can't see the silly sod with glasses and a globe. This prevents me from insterting the link as it should be. Sorry, but thats the way it goes.

    Until such a time as the forum is standardised on a cross-browser basis, you'll have to put up with un-clickable links.

  8. Not everybody uses Internet Explorer - in fact, according to my logs, the vast amount of people who have looked at that image don't!

    Anyway, like ai said, windows is quirky in so much as you can browse theweb without having to configure DNS. You do however need to configure TCP/IP properly, so my mistake for saying it might be a DNS problem, when it's more likely to be a TCP/IP problem - sorry on that count.

  9. I agree with Simon, I think it sounds more like a DNS problem however.
    I'm working on the assumption tht the machine is running windows of some sort, anyway:

    You will need the IP adress of your default gateway - this might be another computer with internet sharing enabled, or a router (the thing that connects to the internet anyway!) Once you have that, you'll need to go to start> control panel> network connections. Once there, right click on your wireless network icon, and choose properties. Then double click on Internet Protocol TCP/IP.  You should be faced with something looking fairly similar to this  (sorry for the size!) - what you might want to do is change the setting so you have a static IP adress that follows on from the gateway - so for example your gateways IP is, click the "use following IP adress" box, and type, with a subnet mask of and the defauly gateway being the adress you found earlier. Ignore the DNS settings, one of the quirks of windows is that it will work without DNS!
    if thats not the problem, then post back!

  10. Well, my own server is running Debian/GNU linux, now been up for 14 days plus some hours (check http://stare-fr.com/ud.html for exact time) - I've seen a linux server that had been up for around about 3-years, which amazed me. Like the addage says, if it aint broke, don't fix it!

  11. Alternitavly you can donate to Unicef via paypal:

  12. When I said funny, I meant funny ha ha, becouse I'd happened to catch that screenshot whilst IIS was re-booting.

    Just out of curiosity, how long has the server been up?

    I just checked mine - been up 13 days 23 hours and 54 minutes

  13. Just come across a new one, two small pop-up boxes (windows type) with:

    Could not connect to remote server

    This is the second time I've had this pop up - originally I dismissed it as I thought it might be something to do with my own internal network (what with the IP and all..), but this is the only site on which I get those errors.
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