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  1. Thanks Peter. These replies are much appreciated. BTW, every Saturday morning at around 7:30 am, the gardening 'fanatic' with a potager just across the stream (nouns other than 'fanatic' spring more readily to mind) starts up the noisiest two stroke pump in the world to syphon stream water into his cube. Is there any known deterrent?
  2. Thanks Mrs O. We'll call as soon as we're back. Not looking forward to the roads. Very early August is not the best time to be heading south. We take the water from the stream at the bottom of the garden. It joins the Aude about 200 metres east of us. Up 'till now, the one that draws the short straw puts on wellies, braves the midges and the muddy slopes, and fills two buckets at a time. There are at least four times each time. The outside tap and hose give me a big grin as I come marching up the slope to give the parched undergrowth (sorry, 'garden plants') a drink. But as there's usually a good chance hergoodself will be keeping observation from a discreet distance - ready to acuse me of gross unnecessary expenditure, I don't I use them. How quickly she goes native! See you soon.
  3. You need something with a decent grip and support for the ankles. When we last went, we were amazed to see a woman coming down in high heels - complete with child on hip - so anything is possible! Wonder if she made it without breaking something.
  4. Chris, on the subject of water shortage, do you know where can I obtain a water butt 'locally'? The car's too small to bring a decent sized one out when we return next week, and we've tried and failed to obtain a 'cube' - the ones that used to be available from Formica. I have the pump ready if the the stream has not run dry but its no use without a container.
  5. We drew our own plans and found a local builder to do the job. It was not difficult and, although a little slow at times, it was a fun project. You need a decent set of floor plans, elevations and a site plan. You also need a 'sketch' showing how the building will look in its natural surroundings. Our builder did that for us, cunningly glueing a rough free-hand drawing to an enlarged photo. We filled in the application for a construction permit but the builder checked and agreed it before it went off to the Marie. I brought some software to help me produce the drawings - Microsoft Visio Professional - because it its so easy to learn and use. It took about 2 or 3 weeks to get the hang of it. Really clever people use 'AutoCad' which takes about 15 years to learn and needs a PhD in astro physics to use. Others use the good old steam driven pen or pencil which isn't such a convenient proposition because every significant change to make (and there will be lots and lots of them) involve you in new drawings. (The builder said he was happy to do the drawings and all he needed was an outline indication "on the back of a fag packet". Didn't seem such a good idea as presumeably we would be paying for his drawing time and would lose significant control. My advice is get some french building product catalogues (they use stuff that can be different from what you're used to seeing), poke around a few building sites in France first, and then GO FOR IT!!
  6. Sounds like Cassis understands the attractions of Quillan. There is so much to admire. The post office's management must have had this in mind when they organised their customer service arrangements. The queue always gets long and often intimate views of the town, as it winds slowly along its attractive streets. I think we have celebrated a family birthday there. Yes, Quillan is a real Mecca for tourists (well, almost) and I can honestly say Pip and me cannot wait to get back.  (Does anyone know if Chris (Quillan) is still posting here?)
  7. Declaration D'Achevement De Travaux - Notification of Works Completion Declaration D'Ouverture De Chantier - Notification of Commencement of Works.   Hope that helps.
  8. Turn your attention away from this forum for a few weeks and things go off the rails. There is absolutely no recent posting about the jewel of SE France - Quillan, the quintessence of all things French - (which for the benefit of some contributors has nothing to do with  quinces). There is no up to date news of Quillanaisse refurbishments, nothing about the parking, shopping, the marie or the present state of the public conveniences. Has Livingfrance changed hands again? Is there a change of leadership? Where have the controversial contributors gone? Who just ordered a veal cutlet?    
  9. The rules that apply are designed to meet public building requirements. However, if yours is a new or recently modernised building you are 'entitled' to expect a more intelligent solution to the problem of where to locate the tank - or even the door. Presumeably the chosen location for both was the least time/thought and cost option. Make a fuss very politely, and persist.
  10. Well, if you have managed at this late date to save anything for me it would be very welcome. I know its taken several weeks to reply but thats only because I removed hergoodself from the country for a while. Well they both needed the break. Although I can thoroughly recommend Kuala Lumpur, to my mind it just does not compare well with the delights of Quillan - whether in the architecture department or for its breakfast curries.  And there was nothing remotely cherry to be found there anywhere. I will never again be impressed by European rain though. I reckon we had about a foot and a half (sorry 45cms) of rain everyday. We are back to la belle full time from the end of July and, I'm positively feverish with excitement about Quillan's refurb. Can someone give me a full situation report? It must be the talk of Perpignan.
  11. This is one of those sureal 'Magic Roundabout' type threads on Livingfrance that makes me smile. I can almost hear Dougal.
  12. I think he may be one of le Bouffon's drinking companions, Chris. If Esperaza is Europe's cradle of civilisation which many an eminent professor has suggested, I just wonder what was Quillan's part? To have become the place of renown it undoubtedly is, it must have played a major role in shaping mankind as we know it today - like convincing people it was more polite to walk upright instead of pointing their bottoms in the faces of people behind them. I suppose this was the begiining of etiquette as we know it. On a more philosophical note, it saddens me that there is still no door on Quillan's public lavatory. When the world began, I suppose the population of the town had more important things to contribute to civilsation. I expect they were wondering how they were going to  teach the Greeks all sorts of stuff, as well as getting ready to educate the Romans.
  13. Steady-on Gluestick. You're in danger of opening some old wounds here. There are enough juicy quotes in your posting to stimulate a really big thread. Have you got a crash hat?
  14. KatieKopyKat, can't you pursuade him to buy another. We want to come too. Maybe there should be 'Price of Boats' thread.
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