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Dick Smith

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According to the messages posted a few weeks agom and the LF message it should be possible to reregister under your old 'nom de web' unless someone else has pinched it, otherwise there may be another problem.
I used it as an excuse to change my registration(from Wizard)as that was less relevant to me now, and I did get some replies suggesting as a wizard I should already know the answer.

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>I know I annoyed a couple
>of people, but since then
>my details seem to have
>been lost and I have
>had to reregister under another
>name. Is this still the
>same problem from a few
>weeks ago? Can I get
>my old identity back?


Come on one of you lot, Dick is back now from the "other place".

Who stitched his details up ! He was near to 500 by Xmas and they've gone and not only that, he has lost his joolie to boot !!

If anyone finds "Dicks details" take a peek and see if mine are there as well 'cos they went walkabout as well...................


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