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FAO all forum users

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There have been some questions and comments from users regarding what is and what is not allowed on the forum and I hope this will clear up any anomalies.

Although third party recommendations are fine and provide information, forum users are requested not to refer to or post their own website addresses or contact details in messages and signatures. Postings that contain these details will be removed although the user will be allowed to re-post with the details deleted from the message.

You can of course include your contact details within your profile by clicking on the 'User' icon.

Also, if you wish to reply to a post requesting an opinion on an individual or company and have only negative feedback, please contact the user directly via email or their forum inbox.

This takes effect from the date and time of this posting.


Forum Administrator

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nicktrollope (312 posts)
15-Apr-04, 05:31 PM (GMT)
1. "RE: FAO all forum users"

Nick, please don't do this, we get your point.

I'm sorry, but this is getting ridiculous. I fully appreciate that you want, and need to avoid the risk of libel, but to disallow web addresses in sig files is regulation (unecessary regulation at that), not moderation.
Signature deleted

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Have I understood, if we have nice things to say about companies, then that is OK.

But if they let us down and are a load of rubbish or worst still rogues, then we have to keep quiet.

This is not helpful or honest is it? Well that is how I see it at least.

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