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Lets be hoest about this site (again)


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Around a month ago there were several comments about the quality of this forum site (and I was one of those being critical).

We were then told it was sorted so I returned. Earlier today I saw a question that I have personal experience of and could help with a valid factual answer that would assist somebody. I then got in excess of 50 error messages when trying to post my answer. I then found that the posts had not failed but that the error message was a “false error” so I now have to go back and delete all my duplicates.

The other day I saw another “defector” announce their defection to another site (on the other forum site) People are departing. Activity here is dropping. Fewer posts, less discussion – ITS DYING.

Archant IS seem incapable of resolving the issues. I now have to waste ages tidying up all my duplicates – life is too short.

Previously I declined to e-mail the Archant MD but I now would but I notice his e-mail address was removed pretty promptly.

Life is too short. Archant IS appear to have no interest in this site. They seem quit happy for the users to test and endure poor quality software and unreliable systems. There is an immediate solution but they are not prepared to implement it (to change back to the old system) because it “does not fit in with their IT strategy”. Clearly their IT strategy rates platforms and architecture as being more important that systems that work even half decently.

“Just don’t put Domestos near this as if you kill 99% of bugs then you will have nothing left”.

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I checked the numbers of people active in the last 20 minutes to see if the site was particularly busy which might have explained the high number of errors I had received (as computer systems can exhibit increases error rates when under high loading). The number of people active in the last 20 minutes (members and guests) was low and thus it my comment was to indicate that the user loading on the site did not account for the high number of failures over an extended period of time.
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