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Archetype British ex pat.


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Tut, tut, Ian.  CLAMDIGGERS?  You are not even a reconstituted expat.  Do I detect a trans Atlantic influence somewhere?  And I bet you don't even wear your chopped down trousers with the obligatory string tied round the waist.  This will never do.  And anyway, your avatar is way too  "preppy"!  Soreee............................!

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I am not sure what is wrong about looking like what you actually are. 

Ian sounds the picture of sanity. (If a picture can sound).

I am sure that nobody contributing to this forum conforms to any stereotype and none of us remotely resemble the sad creature Clarkson describes.

Brits aboard, looking naff though is another thing…

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I was just pulling Ian's leg.  In fact, I think he looks very dishy.  Of course, that Clarkson talks through his ***.  I'm not sure whether he does it for effect or whether he actually believes the the rubbish he spouts.  He does not strike me as an intelligent man, but then he may only be displaying his public persona.  I do know a TV so-called personality quite well and she is nothing like the ditzy blonde she portrays when she is on the box.

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I was just thinking back to the original post which seems to hinge around the apearance of expats.

Thought I do not love Clarkson, I think that his male version of Glenda Slagg is a useful corrective to so many 'new-men' style wimp journalists (who I suspect are shacked-up to various Glenda Slagettes).

I caught a few minutes of Trinny and Suzanna trying to make him over and at one point he came out with "Pullovers? You want me to wear a pullover? That what people who get bullied at school wear" I was good to see T&S with the wind taken out of their sales - even after the editing.

I would like to say that I saw this in a break from watching something manly - like watching our rugger team getting bullied by Les Bleus - but I can't remember...

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