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I never changed my clocks when I was single.   OH was horrified when he moved in, and made me change my ways.    The only clock I now have control over is the one in the car.    I know whether to add or subtract an hour, so why change it.   Anyway its 11 minutes fast so I automatically adjust for that in my mind.    Just can't be bothered with it.   OH is incandescent with fury every time he goes in car, because we only brought my car over, and he still hasn't figured out how to change the clock !

Ha, ha, always entertains me when he stares balefully at it for several minutes and then gives up !

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Was born in the highest village in the Highlands of Scotland, can remember going to school in the winter, walking (OK, climbing), out of the top bedrom window, donning snowshoes and walking to school......loved it, but then, when you are a child, nothing seems to phase you, does it!    [8-|]


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