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Mediapart free to read this weekend


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Mediapart is a wholly independent information site, funded only by subscriptions (no advertising). It is available in French, English and Spanish.

For its 10th anniversary, there is 10-month subscription for €10 (Paypal / Bank card)

To subscribe to the offer, use this link:


If you're interested, the site is free to read/visit this weekend:



More info about Mediapart:


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Clair, c'est vraiment toi?

Please do not leave us, you are such a favourite on the Forum, I still keeping quoting things you have said from years ago.

Look, if I get a petition going and we reach x number of people wanting you to now stay (thanks, Wooly), would you at least give the matter some thought?[kiss]

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Interesting site that, Clair.  Wide-ranging topics, far-flung countries rather than Frenchcentric, tempting headlines.

Being a Macron admirer, I read the article on him.  As for journalists complaining that he is "remote", I have a lot of sympathy for the attitude he has adopted.  I don't want a celeb, a soundbite vulture, one forever posing for photo ops and saying what people want to hear all the time.  I want a president, doing his job (even if he gets to write his own job description) because after all that is what he is elected and paid to do.

I love the video "Des poules à l'Elysée" and, when he got a poule in his hands, I was hoping (well, half-hoping) that the bird would not poo all over his immaculate blue suit!

I even sent him an email at the time of the election, wishing him luck and explaining that I had no vote in France.  He didn't reply but I don't mind that either....why waste time when everything was so hectic, replying to someone who is disenfranchised

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I’ll sign it Mint.

It would be good if you were to pop in now and again Clair!

I particularly remember you and your helpful posts when I cook recipes I got from you on here - and I think it was you who gave me the idea of buying a Remoska. I have two, one in France, one here in the UK. Such good, useful buys! Thank you very much. ?
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