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Do any of you knowingly live near towns which contain both a theatre and a church/cathedral for classical concerts?
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Yes, Saintes 17. has a big music festival in the Summer, the old theatre has been re-vamped at great expense and re-opened late this Summer. The Abbaye aux Dames has a lot of cultural events there are other churches which hold concerts and a Cathedral. The surrounding countryside has many romanesque churches and there are concerts in some of these on Thursday evenings during the Summer.

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LAST EDITED ON 20-Nov-03 AT 04:09 AM (GMT)

We've always felt that Albi would be a good place to live near, the regular concerts at the cathedral attract really good orchestras (as one would expect when it's named after St Cecilia!) and the theatre productions are interesting too.

Can anyone comment on Angouleme or Perigueux? Two weeks earlier in the year spent within easy striking distance of the former left us a bit disappointed but perhaps we simply hit it during a quiet time.

And how about Agen? I think of this as strong culturally as a result of the excellent art gallery. But is there much in the way of performing arts?

Incidentally, I'm referring to all-year-round cultural events not just high season festivals.


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