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Are the remains of this significantly different to the Roman remains found in Britain?
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I think it depends on where you go. I've been to quite a few Roman villas etc in England, but nothing can compare to what I've visited in France. Vaison la Romain, is just incredible. If anyone hasn't been there, I would recommend it no matter how little interest you have in Roman Vestiges. I've heard it called the Pompeii of France. I've not been to Pompeii - but hope to - before the next eruption which is apparently due!!! Of course Vaison hasn't been preserved by a volcanic eruption but it is an amazing site (2 sites, in fact). On the other hand, Empuries at L'Escala in Spain, between Perpignan and Barcelona - is even more impressive. There is still a lot of work to be done there, and the intention is there. I hope to return there in 20 years to see what else they have recovered. That is Greek and Roman. Having gone back to Frejus this year - 25 years on, we were quite disappointed - comparing it to Nimes, Arles. I really liked Arles (I feel the town has a lot of character on different levels) - but I feel they have really spoilt the arenas in many roman towns with the addition of seating over the original stone work for the spectating of bull fights (which I really can't agree with) and pop concerts - which probably aren't an appropriate setting.

I've probably got this all wrong with the gallo-romain bit - I've not really seen anything on the gallo side. If anyone has recommendations for other similar places I'd love to hear about them as we always try to include something along these lines in our holidays.

By the way, if anyone can recommend any good books on architecture/history/archeology I'd be interested in them. I'm fascinated by old architecture, but don't know much - I just want to have something which says: this is a picture of a "gothic arch" for example - to clearly explain, as this is a subject with fascinates me, but there doesn't seem to be much set out in a simple way. I just love to be in an old town and get the feel of it's history. Severac le Chateau, for example, is a medieval town which hasn't been developed much from a tourist point of view - it's just north of Millau and well worth a visit. In a place like that, you can really feel it's age. Sorry - possibly sounding a little potty now - but then, you knew that!

Jill (99)
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>Are the remains of this significantly different to the Roman remains found in Britain?

I think gallo-romain identifies the time and culture in the sameway as Roman Britain. As a total lay person I found the Roman remains in Morroco were amazingly like those in Bath.

Have you been watching the programme on building a replica Roman Villa on Discovery Sat TV ?

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On another posting, Margaret asked about Saintes (17)

for more info look at http://www.ot-saintes.fr

From their tourist leaflet info. as follows
Saintes is more than two thousand years old. It was the capital of a gallic tribe the Santons.
Archeology museum - an insight into Gallo-Roman civilistaion
Roman Baths (remains)
Amphitheatre - built during the reign of Claudius c40 A.D.
Arch of Germanicus
Eglise St. Eutrope complete with massive crypt
Cathedral St. Pierre (Romanesque church)

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