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From here, you can't see Paris


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Not specific to french culture I know but here goes:

Have just returned from Borders (bookshop) with 'oh not another lets re-locate to France and write a book', book. But this one by Michael Sanders looks more intellectual and in-depth, has anyone else read it? Set in Les Arques, Lot it looks at the struggle to survive and retain village life in a remote corner of France, through the only business in the village, a restaurant. Looks like a 'good fireside read'


ps no snow yet in Essex
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>Have just returned from Borders (bookshop)
>with 'oh not another lets
>re-locate to France and write
>a book', book. But this
>one by Michael Sanders looks
>more intellectual and in-depth, has
>anyone else read it? Set
>in Les Arques,

Oh - Curves - I always wanted to know about Curves! I must get it!

Well books of this type do interest me. Also you might have seen me mention a website about the St Omer area which had been translated by a babel fish or similar thing. Well, Arques was translated as Curves. Every time we pass Curves on the motorway, we say we really must visit! Or is this another Curves!?

Jill (99)
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Its a great book. I read the US version some time ago. We have visited the restaurant numerous times. It very good.
A word of warning though : when you read this you will be desparate to try the lobster ravioli !!
Michael is now researching for his next book about the wine growers in the Lot region.
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