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  1. I use buggscarhire.com they are a small local company and offer a competitively priced and very flexible service at Bergerac airport.
  2. Panda Sorry to have got you so annoyed, not intended that way. I am aware of all the alternatives for excess cover. But read the small print to see what they all really cover. Personally i find you get what you pay for with insurance and the level of cover you receive from one company is not always what you get from another, even when the policy name is identical.  When you purchase an option outside the the hire company ie Insurance 4 car hire , you are still made to to pay the excess from the hire company if you have an incident and then you have to reclaim these expenses from the independant you take out he excess cover with. Also be aware that you may not know the excess has been taken from your credit card until you receive the credit card statement, by which time it is too late to get the money from the other insurance company, especially after you have spent the next 6 weeks trying to find out why they have taken it. Your car is not always inspected on its return to Bergerac, the car hire companies are not always open when you get there, and you just leave your keys in a box.(they have been known to find mystery scratches and dents, and it can be rather hard to prove them different) I am still baffled why people are so obsessed with excess  cover. I am sure that 90% of policies you hold, whether it be for house or car, carry an excess, so why is so important to have excess cover when you hire a car. Are you more likely to have an accident in a hire car, or is it just the hire companies making you feel it is so important? May I point out that as far as I am aware, carhire3000 do not exist as a carhire company and are not present at  Bergerac airport, they are just a kind of broker, in fact an insurance company using car hire to sell you insurance, and pass the car hire booking onto one of the companies at bergerac, ie National or Eurocar. Carhire3000 do have a single car for hire and will take car hire bookings irresspective of what or if any cars are available. They offer lots of gaurantees but what they do not seem to seem to gaurantee is what or if any car will be available. From my experience, Buggs are a small local independant car hire company, and offer a good alternative to hiring from the bigger companies. Take your choice on excess cover but if i was you take the £49 annual policy from insurance 4 car hire seems best value to me if you hire for more than 25 days per year and give buggs a try. On the subject of Angouleme, buggs will be there, as will Hertz as they are obliged to by Ryan Air. Not sure the others will be as the local franchises will not accommodate the demands of the late plane arrivals. Probably due to usual French employment problems, 35 hour week and all that.
  3. Hello Panda Please get your facts right!!! You have obviously never hired from buggs.! As a regular user of buggs car hire in Bergerac, and what a releief from the big car hire companies, I can confirm you do NOT have to pay the extra 9 euros per day insurance. This is just an optional extra you can take out when you make your booking, everyone is allowed to decide the level of risk they are willing to accept, and with buggs you decide when making your booking, not in the queue at the airport when you have no time to assess what you are buying. With buggs you cannot add it on when you arrive and buggs make no attempt to sell you this, or any other extra, when you collect your car. The alternative hire companies offer this extra insurance only when you collect the car, their excess is also considerably higher as is the cost of the waiver insurance. You obviously have some financial rewards from insurance 4 car hire, which is why you are advertising their services on a forum, I am surprised such a blatent advert was passed by the forum. I am not sure when they are opening at Angouleme but contact me and I will be happy to forward the email address for you to find out.
  4. Could you please tell me where the one is in Lot et Garonne. Have looked at the website and it tells me nothing except the head office. Thanks.
  5. Thank you for all your replies. leschenauds - I don't know of one locally but will see if I can find a web site with a list of stores. Val_DOuest - Have been to Mondial Tissus in Bergerac but they only seemed to have a very limited range of heading tape prepacked and quite expensive. I was in a rush to get back for the school bus so didn't get a chance to ask the assistant. I will have another go next time I am in Bergerac. Penny29 - Is this store on the trading estate where Bricodept is? Not very familiar with Perigueux but know where this is in Trlissac.
  6. Does anyone know anywhere that stocks a decent range of curtain heading tape and sundries for soft furninshings in 47 or 24?
  7. Just wanted to say thanks to all of your for your help. The hydrageas and japonica are back in the ground and looking healtly (touch wood). I have taken loads of cuttings so hopefully I will have some more plants in the future. When we finally managed to dig the old climbing rose out we discovered that the root was too large to put back once the pipe was in place and as the digger had damaged it quite badly so we decided not to replant it. Will probably buy a new climbing rose to replace it. Any suggestions for one with a nice smell?
  8. Can anyone help? I am in 47 and have friends holidaying near Perpignan. We would like to meet up and thought that somewhere near Toulouse would be about halfway between us, however, neither of us are familiar with the area and so finding somewhere to meet is proving difficult. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  9. When we bought our house the vendor (who was in the U.K. at the time)was very slow at arranging removal of her furniture and we doubted that she would ever get it sorted so the notaire told her that she MUST remove everything she wanted prior to the final signing. When we came to sign, he reiterated this saying that once we had all signed everything in the house would belong to us; (this was July 2003). I agree with Val_2, if the furniture is of no use to you, you could offer it to her as a good will gesture. I would give your notaire a call first and see what he says. I expect he will say that they are your property which you can dispose of how you like. BTW, my vendor is still in contact with us and regularly talks about the house as if it was still hers. As she lived here for over 30 years I think it's understandable and will take a while for her to acknowledge that she doesn't own it anymore and is not entitled to have a say in changes we make. I don't mind really but was grateful when she visited with a friend recently and was talking about her land, the friend pointed out that it was not her land anymore and she should let "these young people" do what they want with their property. Hope you sort it out.
  10. My in-laws have a place in Dordogne so know that area well and thought we would probably settle there when we came out here but ended up buying a place in Lot et Garonne. I don't feel that it's much quieter here but it depends on what you mean. Can't comment on the Lot as don't know it very well.
  11. The plumber is going to use a machine and I don't know if it will be able to lift the plants out but it's certainly worth looking at. I will definately take cuttings so hopefully I will have some new plants to replace any that don't make it. Thank you both very much for your help.
  12. I have the plumbers working at the moment and they will need to dig a trench next to the house to lay a soil pipe. The proposed site for this pipe is currently a flower bed with several hydrangas, autumn crocus', some climbing roses and a large bush, which I don't know the name of but it currently has a lovely display of pink/red flowers and small dark green leaves will follow. I haven't been able to identify this bush as all my gardening books are still in a box somewhere but I know it's a quite common. I would like to dig up the hydrangeas and as many of the crocus' as possible and replace them once the pipe has been laid. The bush is really too big to move and the roses are close to the wall so I hope that they will be ok. As a very amateur gardener I would love someone to advise me how I should do this.
  13. When we moved to France, I asked our UK doctor about transferring our records to our French doctor but he said it was not something that he could do overseas. However, I could pay for a copy of our records to take with us, which if I remember correctly, was 20 for each set of records.
  14. Colombier

    BCG Needed

    I had my daughter vaccinated just before Xmas as I wanted to use the crche when we went skiing and so that she has it when she starts maternelle in September. She is 2 years old. I visited my doctor's surgery and explained what I wanted. My doctor saw me quickly between appointments to give me a prescription for the test. I made an appointment for the afternoon where he administered the test and told me to come back in 3 days time. This I did and he saw me again between his appointments in the morning to see if the test had reacted and, as it, he had wrote a prescription for the vaccine and I made an appointment for that afternoon. It was so simple and the doctor so kind not making me wait with my daughter just to pick up prescriptions etc. We have to go back in one year to have the test again to make sure that the vaccination has taken properly. Before we came to France I had my son vaccinated with the BCG and asked the doctor if there was a medical reason for the UK not to vaccinate until 12. He said it was just policy to have it done at this age and that some babies in the UK do have it if they are deemed to be at risk. Hope this helps.
  15. Here are a few points that were mentioned to me by other mothers when I was having a problem with my son. He would only eat marmite sandwiches! 1. Encourage them to cook with you so that they gain an interest in the food. There is a book called Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes by Felicity Dahl (Editor), Josie Fison (Editor), Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake (Illustrator), Jan Baldwin (Photographer) ISBN: 0099724219, my nephew was quite a picky eater but loved making and eating food from this book. I'm not suggesting that you cook together everyday, but it may encourage him. 2. Play a game of taste tests by blindfolding and getting them to try small bites different things and guest what they are. Sometimes children refuse to eat something before even trying it, because they don't like the look or the colour. 3. Cut vegetables up very small (can use a blender, if necessary) and make a sauce for pasta. This one worked well with my son. My niece would only eat 'dry' food (no sauces etc.) for several year, which gave my sister no end of headaches but slowly she has managed to expand what she will eat. I know how frustrating it can be, especially when you have another child who eats everything, including what's left her brother's plate! Good Luck and try not to get too despondent.
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