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Returning goods in France

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We're in the middle of renovating our kitchen and ordered some kitchen wood from La Peyre and went in today to find it was not there (despite the Devis saying it would be in the store after the 11th Sept). I think they could have rang and told us it was not there yet.

This is not our main problem though as a piece of wood we ordered and looked at, we did not like the look of as it did not match the colour of our units and we complained and were offered a credit note. We asked why we could not just have a refund as we do not intend to buy anything else in La Peyre as we are finished buying stuff from them and they said that they are going to ring their manager on Monday.

My question is legally are we entitled to a refund (we paid half in advance and took the wood back immediately and I thought you get 14 days to return) and if they do not refund the money, do we have a legal leg to stand on?

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Unless the wood is faulty, or doesn't match the specification in some way, the firm cannot be forced to give you a cash refund.

Some shops , eg Auchan, go beyond the legal minimum and like M&S in the UK ,offer refunds in circumstances beyond the strict legal minima . I don't know if Lapeyre fall into this category.


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