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It's "Cyber Monday " for Xmas shopping . Look out Newspapers !


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 It appears today is going to be the busiest day for on line shopping as people shop for presents . I imagine the " must have " present this year will be the pocket size tablet and I cant help wondering thousands more in use will hit the newspapers profits .  How long  will we enjoy the free downloads of our daily read  .. I am guilty of being an 8 inch Android tablet owner who first thing in the morning downloads the free papers . The tablet has paid for intself in three months by  having not to buy a paper . and thats not counting for the fuel to drive to the shop to get it . . So how long  before my free paper turns to subscription... Methinks this Xmas will bring forward the day .

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On the other hand...

I read newspapers and magazines online everyday that I would never 1)think of buying, and 2)find in the local shops if I wanted to buy them.

Through them, I am offered tailored adverts and I increase their advertising revenue with every click I make on their pages, whether I read the articles or net.

They collect information from my browsing which they sell on, and which enables them to refine their marketing and to select those adverts which only target me (or people who have similar interests).

It's not all bad news for them, or their online readers.

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