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Globe Artichokes


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Hope someone can help - I've been looking on-line but find conflicting info (surprise, surprise). 

This is my first time growing Globe Artichokes and want to know when I should split them - autumn or spring?  Seems there are different opinions so wondered what people on here do.  The 'shoots' are currently about 18-24 inches!  Also, do you leave the 'old' stalks in situ, or dig the out?

By the way, we're in Lot-et-Garonne.

Any advice gratefully received....

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Cheers basquesteve...

the way the shoots are growing (now over 2 feet) it'll take a frost to knock them back.  My main question was if they should be split/transplanted in autumn or spring.  Sounds like it may be best to wait till next spring

thanks again

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Hi mazandcol.

I was trying to remember what we did with the offsets when growing globe artichokes on our London allotment.

I think this, from http://www.knowyourvegetables.co.uk

is it:

"How to grow Globe Artichoke - Cuttings & Offsets

Although artichoke plants can be grown from seed, this is a long-winded process and many consider that it's far easier to buy ready-rooted suckers to plant in the spring.

Alternatively, in Autumn start your own cuttings by removing the 20cm (8") long suckers, or side-growths, and pot up into 100-125mm (4"-5") pots of potting compost and over winter in a frost free greenhouse or frame, ready to plant out the following spring."

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