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  1. I will stick with force x distance
  2. It may not be a trend but with all the hiep that UK is doing so well its below 2008 level I remember the FT index was at 6400 then an now just over 64200
  3. basquesteve


    Hi Most lillies are happy outside , cut the old growth back to ground level and they will appear next Spring Steve
  4. As far as I am concerned do what the law dictates and carry your Passport and vehicle documents at all times Having been stopped in France, Spain and Portugal at gun point I have/they had no interest in discussing the finer idiotic English view points If its a law abide by it, before we know it the UK will be happy for photo copy passports on the basis they turn up a few days later with the original, maybe they do that already
  5. HI Wait until the plant becomes dormant ie first frost or mid February if a mild Winter ignore the old brown stems they are dead Steve PS I love the flowers but buy the preprepared bits from Leader Price
  6. Hi Not sure about your shoots they should have flowered by now Neverttheless dig them up/split them when thy have died down ie gone brown Steve
  7. As I have no interest for 18 years do not really care but they all seen to have ideas that have no chance its all to be popular and be realected
  8. I agree http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portulaca_oleracea It keeps popping up but regular glysophate will do it in
  9. Sound good but if my threads are an important bit of gear I would like them to match up rather than just do I suspect its its reason wheels fall off
  10. My experience is that they all are metric and pretty useless on any machinery If you are talking studs is that is left and right hand threads on the same bolt you have no chance outside specialists I assume the drive shaft/ thread is worn so if you have a lathe any die will sought. but my advice is to get a spare from the manufacture
  11. That's interesting the last two posters are not French residents and one thought it " Funny " but have mega posts here, ten thousand between them on a French site Do they really know what its like to live here for 20 years full time in France Tescos are crap compared to any French super market One said "Am I interested in its huge Asian section, including subsections representing almost the whole of Asia, a Caribbean section, Polish, American, Irish (yes, really, for the last two), Italian, Turkish... A bit upsetting if you are English.It also has an optician, dentist and pharmacy" so b what NO I live in France and like the local produce and by the looks of it you prefer the Asia, a Caribbean section, Polish, American, Irish (yes, really, for the last two), Italian, Turkish. so why bother posting
  12. "Lucky dog; wish I could take mine there" Give it a try 10 years back I lived close to you in the Correze but now as of mid October of to the Aude Steve
  13. The last time I was in Tescos was over 3 years ago and I thought how drab it was, very few choices, No butcher, fish monger, few cheeses fresh bread etc it was piled it high and limited stock The staff never said hello or goodbye Its time for them to go and allow suppliers to make an honest profit
  14. Hi As I have lived here for the last 10 years I suggest the Pays Basque Spring is a good time its not that cold here we often have a sit in the sun between 11 and 3 in mid winter Steve PS the Pyrenees range is over 200 miles and a lot of different climates try both ends its about 4and a half hours drive on the auto routes
  15. Lauerd me steres, noght wante sal me: In stede of fode ├żare me louked he. He fed me ouer watre ofe fode, Mi saule he tornes in to gode. He led me ouer sties of rightwisenes, For his name, swa hali es. Through how many tongues/bishops did this faith rubbish evolved into English and did it help our ancestors give me a few examples of the beneficiaries
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