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B&Bers? Things you've learnt to avoid.

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Yes to those to asked.Closed. Several reasons,we register from April to end September,normally do OK with passing trade + some repeats and  recommendations. Don't spend anything on advertising,what little we do is a total waste of time I'm afraid to say.Although we do it all ligit.CdC registration and tourist tax book etc+insurance and self employed extras, we don't wish to kill ourselves. We came here to have a better/cleaner/less stressful quality of life and are fortunate enough to be able to say ;"That's enough for this year".Now we can enjoy the area/food with family and friends and they go back to UK a bit refreshed and understanding why we are here.

I may have to return to UK to try and sort out Mr.Browns staff at Long Benton though, as it's fairly obvious they don't know their job.After being here 4 years as a resident ,they have just sent me forms;after several months of asking for the correct ones; that only apply to UK residents? I sent them back last week,should get a reply about Christmas time.

Must go,wife/daughter and grandaughter just stirring and will require my visit to the bun shop. At 9.20 that's a treat, normally 7.00am.


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[quote user="Cerise"]

Russethouse - if you ask at the Chambre de Metiers you may get an EEC subvention and a place in the local artisans fete![:)]

Gastines - you wouldn't like to swop would you?  I'm actually going away for 3 days tomorrow but then back to an almost full house for September and well into October.  I know that I've got at least 2 lots of repeat guests who whilst pleasant enough are exhaustion factor - what kind of relatives would you care to trade for a band of over exuberant Australians?


Cerise, thats my career in France sorted then [:)][:)]

Perhaps Wen would swap some of her awful English guests for your exhausting Aussies ??? [;-)][;-)]

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Actually I should have said 'some english' of course, its only a small percentage of whiners but why does that small percent always seem to land here?. Cerise, Im happy to let you have my exhuberant fellow countrymen just throw them some red meat and beer around feeding time and it tends to calm them down:))
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[quote user="Russethouse"] When I worked in a B&B one of my jobs used to be making butter 'twirls' but I haven't seen butter served like that for a long time.[:)][:)][/quote]

I have one of those things. When I was a child-labourer at my mum's seaside B&B in North Devon one of my tasks was to squidge all the butter together and make it into curls. It was lovely Rose of Torridge butter so worth eking out. *Goes off to find butter-twirly-thing and see if can still do it.*


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Add-on to my no-no's.

Daughters,granddaughters. I've never seen so many shoes!! Why do they leave coats and jumpers all over the place when there are perfectly good coat hangers and wardrobes?

Do they read all those magazines?

How many handbags does a person need?

What is that row?It's who? Is she ill?

I expect we will miss them when they return to UK though.

Regards. Retiring to the garden,far end.

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