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Just to say that we have had a directive from the government at our local office that as from end of this year ALL properties that are registered for letting with the local office etc will be subject to mandatory inspections and if they do not comply with a list of set regulations and requirements they cannot be accepted for future inclusion by the tourist office/board. It is all part of the french government's plan to crack down on cheaply furnished but expensive rated holiday accomadation and to make sure people are registered and paying their due taxes on it.
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>Just to say that we have
>had a directive from the
>government at our local office
>that as from end of
>this year ALL properties that
>are registered for letting with
>the local office etc will
>be subject to mandatory inspections
>and if they do not
>comply with a list of
>set regulations and requirements they
>cannot be accepted for future
>inclusion by the tourist office/board.

This I think is not unusual, I work in part time in my local tourist office in the U.K. and any accommodation that we have on our books to recommend to the public, will have been inspected and various comments noted on our listings.

>It is all part of
>the french government's plan to
>crack down on cheaply furnished
>but expensive rated holiday accomadation
>and to make sure people
>are registered and paying their
>due taxes on it.

A good way perhaps to crack down on those sub standard rental properties. I suspect the tax dodgers would not choose to register with the tourist office.
In U.K. the tourist office obviously does not deal with the tax side of lettings.

I am sure that most people posting on here (L.F. forum) are paying their fare share of taxes in France and paying in U.K. as well if not resident full time in France.


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