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how many hours for a changeover?


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This very question was asked last year and the solution isnt here asking other gite owners how long it takes for a hand over etc,

all gites are different, ie size, in and out and the amount of furniture you have in yours maybe a lot more or less than is in say my gite, ie I have a four poster in the main bed room so i'd take longer cleaning this room,

If the cooker had been trashed ie needed a complete clean this can take 2 hours if food was burnt in the oven and all had tobe cleaned using chemicles etc.

the solution you need is by means of your own cleaners filling in a detailed sheet telling you how long item for item had taken,

only then can you yourself decided if the cleaners are working or not and by having an item by item tick sheet system can you see that all the work is being attended to.

I had this very same talk a year ago and said then you owe it to both yourself and the next customer to have enough time to allowe for any problems that may come along to be sorted,

State in your terms/conditions the arrival and leaving times and any penalties for late departures, if you dont and your having to start the prep for your next customer late, your not giving yourself a chance,

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[quote user="candide"]

Those of you who have experience of gite changeovers :  How long on average does it take to turn around a two-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage (occupancy 4 people with 1 double bed and 2 singles)?

Have just started renting, and my changeover people claimed it took 13 hours to prepare after guests A and before guests B.

This is after they did a 21-hour 'thorough clean' before arrival of guests A because property had been unoccupied for a long time.

Am I right in thinking this seems excessive?


Being absent from your property means you have lost a lot of control and you do not have a leg to stand on if you are overcharged or if you have any complaints from guests.

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No (sorry, Pun) - I think the only solution is for the owners to do it once themselves, as a proper changeover, to see how long it takes them to clean thoroughly right through.

They can then give a checklist for the caretakers (not a time sheet as I don't think that's fair), and will have a good idea as to whether they are being ripped off or not.
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do you really think the cleaners will do as good a job in the same time as the owners??

I didnt say time sheet I said a time for each item, and by doing that you will see if any item is causing delays and then you can question the right or wrong of the costings.

I my self do not employ cleaning staff and we still use a item time sheet, it gives us a good idea of the longer timed jobs and also helps with timings for the not expected delays through no fault of the normal change over, ie just last week (friday) we had people arriving at 4pm but at 9am we found no hot water,

the oil centrial heating system only just over 1 year old had a hick-up, we had to get to the heating shop to speake to the owner, lucky for us he came out then, (in france you dont always get service anything like that,

by the time the customers had arrived all bells ringing and no problems and due to the fact we had our timed item sheet to see how much time we needed to complete the change over we new all was well.(2 extra hours used from normal change over

If how ever we employed cleaners I dont think the same concern would have been there, it would have been a phone call to say no hot water we cant work without it.

Ours is a larger gite than this question is about and its got a pool tobe cleaned and made ready as far as p.h. etc goes, plus large lawns etc so Im sure you can see it pays to know what your doing and be ready for any hick ups.

You can't beat a tried and tested method and this one really works, the people who are asking the question dont seem to have any method and as has already been said they are at the mercy of the change over staff due to not being on the job them selfs.

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Hey guys, first time post so dont bite my head off ;)


Ive just finished doing a season as a holiday rep on a campsite (keycamp) which involved alot of cleaning, so hopefully ill be able to share some experience. Our changover time was 10am - 3pm (very strict, customers normally waiting at reception dead on 3pm). During that time, each courier was expected to have cleaned at least 2 mobiles and usually helping on a 3rd. This gave us a time of about 2 hours per mobile, which was: 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and 2 bathrooms. I can garentee to you guys that the states of the mobiles after a 2 week holiday were far far worse then a gite could be. In my experience, knocking the time down to 2 hours per accomodation was combined factors of:


- Get a cleaning routien and stick to it, know which areas will take the longest and what products to use where.

- Having the right equipment + products

- A hoover.

I always used a hoover, they were godsends. I even used it in the shower and fridge. Excellent for getting crumbs and hair!


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