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2 way switching plus intermediates?


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Hi tj,

The wiring for 2 way and intermediate is simple but not sure on the availability of intermediate switches in France.

This is the layout for a 2way circuit.

 - ve----------------------------------------------------------- -------------- -ve to light

+ve-------- C                                                                      C-------  switched +ve to light

              1 -------------------------------------------------1


               2 way switch No 1                                               2 way switch No 2

2way switches are laid out C= common at top with L1 and L2 below and side by side.

Basically you are providing a "positive/live/+ve" ( whichever terminology you want to use) voltage to the common terminal of one 2way switch, the switched positive/ live/+ve to the light from the common of the second 2way switch and 2 wires called "straps" between the two other terminals of the 2way switches.

 To add an intermediate switch which has 4 terminals simply cut the straps, connecting the pair from switch 1 in the top two terminals of the intermediate switch and the pair from switch 2 into the two bottom terminals of the same intermediate switch. If you want more than one intermediate switch then repeat the process. 

The above is the best drawing I can do in word, if not clear then send me your e-mail address.



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<< or the wiring using teleruptors on the CU >>

Power to each switch with feed back to telerupture. Power, neutral and earth  to telerupture then on to lights. The three way switches than mean either 1 is connected to 3 or 2 is connected to 4 which you need for three way or more sitching do not seem to be available in France in the Sheds ( Leropy Merlin, Castorama etc). The switches for teleruptures simply make contact once then spring back to standbur

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Go for a telerupteur. It's basically a latching relay.

Once it's wired in, the wiring for switches to it is dead easy.

Not cheap to buy though. I have one now, but only one switch on it so far, (there will be 4), and it doesn't even operate a light yet. Sigh.


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Those intermediate switches (needed if you want switches at more than two locations and would not opt for a telerupteur) are called permutateurs. I bought them at Leroy Merlin for around twelve euros. They work fine and do not (further) complicate the wiring.
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I have wired it with a permutateur in the middle of the two-ways, they both work as they should, but at present the permutateur does not turn the lights on or off ? am assuming the wires are crossed allowing continuous power flow so I guess I need to switch a couple of wires over?


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