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Pool not clearing - milky greenish


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Got a bit of a problem.  Pool didn't do well over winter - went green.  An above ground pool, 24ft x 12ft, Hayward pump and filter with Zeiolite;  Zeolite was 'refreshed' a year ago

Drained half - added clear water.    Took Ph level down to 7.0.

Then added what was left of Javel - the last 1/4 of it, and the chlore choc tablets - a whole tubful of chlore choc !   Pool has been filtered and filtered for last 5 days - and is still a milky green.

Couldn't find any bidons of Javel - have used a Whole bloomin tub of Chlor Choc tabs -

 Everything that should work - does.

But pool won't clear.

Tried our local supermarket for bidons of Javel - don't have any.

Went to brico in larger town - no - they don't have any bidons of Javel.  None in stock, none on order - not available - 'never stocked' - which is a fib

In desperation I bought some non-chlorine disinfectant algae killer - it contained hydrogen peroxide.   Has it made a difference - nope. 

 Have seen on-line reference to hydrogen peroxide 'kill' chlorine - ouch;  is that true ?   Have I destroyed the chlorine that I've already put in.

The ph is right - now what ?

Are the large bidons of Javel still availkable ?   Not being able to get some in local - Biggish - Brico was a horrible shock.

Anyone know if the large Bricos (LeClerc) - in Villeneuve sur Lot or in Bergerac have any of these in stock.   And no, didn't see any Javel bidons in the Cash Pisciine in Bergerac either.  

And I've still got a pool that's not looking as good as normal.   H  e  l   p  - please !!


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I can't say for the Lot region but I am tripping over 20ltr biddons around Tours, Auchon €10.50 BD €12.90 BricoMarche €15.

What about the 5 litre ones if you cant get 20, just be sure it's the strong one 9.6% sodium hypochlorite.

Yes hydrogen peroxide is a stronger oxidiser than chlorine so it will burn out all the chlorine you have put in and your pool will continue to go greener until the peroxide has broken down. The peroxide won't break down the cyanuric acid stabiliser that by now you have sent the level through the roof.

Have you got a good tester for cyanuric acid level?  if it's too high may as well empty most of the pool and start again as the nutrient level (algae food) of the water must have been quite high anyway for the pool to have gone green over winter.

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Dave - thank you - no Brico Depot near us (47).

Theiere - ahhh - knew there'd be someone who 'knew' what a stupid thing I've done - and how to help.

So having chucked in a complete tub of chlorine choc tabs, mixed with some of the hydro peroxide - I've destroyed the chlorine - and made it worse.   Yikes - can only happen to me.    Why are there no warnings that the h-p destroys chlorine.

You're right;  I'm going to drain down pool completely;  had only removed about one-third then topped up with fresh before I started all this.   Will make a proper job, drain until almost empty.   This wouldn't have happened if the wretched local brico had stocked the Javel....always something.

Now - advice please.

I drain it as much as poss so there'll be about 6 - 8 inches water;  there will still be some milky green water left  - at that point (if I can't get the Javel) - will putting in half of a tub of the Chlor Choc tabs be OK to destroy the algae remaining ?

Then fill pool;  check PH (add Ph minus if necessary) - then add some more chlor choc - or wait to see if water remains clear and just maintain.

Do have tester for Ph and Chlor - but it's only one of those cheapie test tube thingies where you add a red tablet and a yellow tablet.  Not really that accurate but good enough up till now, and I've not had this problem before.

Thank you for rec about Auchen;  there is one in Villeneuve sur Lot;  more than half an hour's drive and OH thinks a drive of more than half an hour is a long distance drive needing coffee and sandwiches;  he hates a journey drive of more than 25 minutes - so I'll have to talk nicely to him!!

Thanks for your help and advice;  at least I won't waste my time filtering for no good reason over the next 5 days.   Just bite the bullet, and start again.

Help greatly appreciated - thank you.


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Yes drain to 6-8 inches to be sure the liner doesn't move out of position if you empty completely. Kill off the remaining algae with choc and refill. if you use choc again you'll be adding stabiliser which is good as without it your chlorine will only last a couple of hours.  You can probably use galets and a floating dispenser for most of this season to get your stabiliser level up or buy some from Cash piscine.

I would urge you to get a stabiliser test kit, so important but dip strips are useless. Nothing wrong with your test kit DPD and phenol red are still good, it's the quality and scale of the colours on the printed card that determine how good, but you could, as everyone could, do with a stabiliser tester, if you can't find one let me know.

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Theiere - thank you so much - you have no idea how lovely it is to have guidance and help when I've done something stupid.

Thank you for your time,

I'll let pool drain out, get some more tubs of chlore choc tomorrow and follow your advice.

Ive got the floaters for the large chlore lent tabs 2 of them - so I'll keep those going once pool is filled up, and being filtered again.

Will look out for the stabiliser tester - decent pool shop should have one and next time we make an expedition to the nearest big town I'll make a point of picking up tester you recommend..

Must look out for some of the bidons of Javel though - don't want to run into similar problem again.  Been very frustrating, especially as we now seem to have a heatwave on the way.

Thank you again Mr T - as always this site is wonderful for idiots like me who need to find someone who 'knows' what to do when disaster strikes.

Sorry to have bothered you - have a lovely summer


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