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newly OAP'd couple seek house to rent in France


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I'll be retiring Jan 2011 from my job as press officer with Kent Police, became OAP Jan 2010 but working extra year.

Northern half of France preferred, must be rural, unfurnished preferably, with 2 beds, garden, parking. Husband has near-native French, fluent Italian, qualified ex-secondary schoolteacher plus 22 years EFL teaching in France, Italy & UK.

Thanks a lot

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You are more likely to find this among British owners than among the French, who often require evidence of income in a French format: 'Avis d'Imposition' etc.

The other problem I foresee is that if you live in a rural location the opportunities for the work you seek in another thread will be severely curtailed.

EFL teaching as known in the UK is relatively less seen in rural France.

There are some private language schools and a chain


which is active in the cities.

Good luck in any case: I am not throwing cold water on your project, just raising pitfalls.

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Thanks, NormanH, all advice gratefully received. I'd rather know the reality than be left to imagine that all is rosy.

The rural we'd prefer would be in the northern part of France where there is generally more work for EFL teachers and I wouldn't mind commuting as long as it wasn't too far. I'd also hope to have the odd student/guest from the UK or USA. I only want part-time anyway.

I don't know for sure but I have a feeling that Brit-owned properties could be at a higher rent than French-owned.

Part of my pension is paid by the CRAM and I have a private pension, too.

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Foncia are one firm whose signs I see everywhere on flats to let


If you have a French pension, however small you have an automatic right to a 'carte vitale' so that is one worry less (you just take you 'notification de retraite' to the local CPAM when you have settled somewhere.

At the same time there are rules about continuing to work after retirement. I believe you have to ask permission, and your combined pension and new income is not supposed to exceed your previous salary.


A good option for you might be to become an autoentrepreneur and work freelance as teacher/translator


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