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Copy from utube?

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If you want the whole clip a Google search for   copy from youtube  will give you loads of options.

Post edited by a moderator to remove link

Unfortunately I had the AUDACITY ([;-)]) to post a link to a free audio capture utility which is what the Mods took exception to and removed. For whatever reason they didn't pull my Google search too but who am I to disagree with a mod, or did I just do that - ohmygawd, am I going to get banned [:-))]

Actually even the Windows built in Sound Recorder which is a bit limited and clunky will do the job, can I say that ?

Just for the record, whilst Youtube's T&C's do say "Users may view videos on the site as long as they agree to the terms of service; downloading through one's own means or copying of the videos is not permitted" the fact is that publishing stuff there is effectively placing it in the public domain and when you add to that the fact that virtually everything on Youtube can be can be found elsewhere in freely downloadable form I personally I wouldn't have any qualms whatsoever about copying anything from it by whatever means.



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Hi Earnie I wonder at the Audacity of the milk monitors in removing your link. It looked a good link and I'm not sure why it's been removed.

Weedon your link looks good to and I have downloaded the track that I was after. All I have to do now is to find out where the heck it is on my laptop?!! These machines are wonderful aren't they?

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