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lead time for Orange to set up Broadband

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hi All.

Looking for some advice based on your experiences of having broadband set up by Orange in France.

My mother in law already has a normal France Telecom phone line and can get Orange broadband okay according to the various test sites.

She is rather advanced in years so my wife and I need to be with her in Normandie when the kit is delivered and / or installed.

We could order it online from the Orange Boutique but I can't see any indication there on how long it takes from placing the order until the line is activated and the Livebox kit is delivered.

We will be out in Normandie in August so if the order lead time is a few weeks then we may need to get things underway now. Is it all done online or do Orange require signatures and bank debit forms signed etc?

Anyone able to share their experiences with me?


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Simplest way is to take your MIL into her local Orange shop and have her sign the contract and direct debit forms there.  They'll hand her a Livebox which you can then set up for her using the installation CD.

The standard account activation delay is fifteen days, but likely to be less. Mine was live by the time I got home from the shop....


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No slight on SD intended but I wouldn't bother with the CD. It just scatters junk on the PC and actually achieves nothing that anyone who is not clinically blind cannot do with the supplied pictorial guide [;-)]

If you get the Livebox 2, which you probably will, you can change the language to English BTW.

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