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  1. thanks to everybody for your tips and advice. I'm back over next week so will go hunting. May even treat myself to a bottle !
  2. thanks both for your advice. I'll pose the question to my MIL of a visit to the Orange Boutique at Herouville and see what she says!
  3. hi All. Looking for some advice based on your experiences of having broadband set up by Orange in France. My mother in law already has a normal France Telecom phone line and can get Orange broadband okay according to the various test sites. She is rather advanced in years so my wife and I need to be with her in Normandie when the kit is delivered and / or installed. We could order it online from the Orange Boutique but I can't see any indication there on how long it takes from placing the order until the line is activated and the Livebox kit is delivered. We will be out in Normandie in August so if the order lead time is a few weeks then we may need to get things underway now. Is it all done online or do Orange require signatures and bank debit forms signed etc? Anyone able to share their experiences with me? regards Andy
  4. Hi. Does anyone know of and can recommend any gites/house/apartement etc for rent situated in any of the beautiful towns along the Loire (Saumur, Angers, Tours etc)? We want a change from a rural retreat this summer and it's hard to find anything located in a town - i.e. somewhere with restaurants, shops, bit of life etc. Feel free to send a private message if you prefer. thanks Andy
  5. hi Steph 1 tenniswitch's suggestion is probably the easiest way to tackle this. If all the documents and images etc you want to transfer are held in the "My Documents" folder on your old PC copy this to a CD or USB dongle thingy - they are cheap and are available with more than the limited 650MB capacity of a CD- and then copy the contents to the "My Documents" folder on the new PC. I've done this with no grief on many occassions. If the documents and images are scattered across your hard drive then best to create a folder under the C drive to "round up" all the files and the copy these to CD/USB dongle and copy to to new PC as above. Hope this helps and that you enjoy your new PC ! regards Andrew
  6. I concur with Tim. A Sagem freeview box purchased in Comet Dec 2005 works a treat in Calvados )altho TF1 drops out occasionally) and at the time was considerably cheaper than the exact same box on sale in Comet's French arm Darty. regards Andy
  7. We've had 2 family holidays in Auvergne. First was around Lac Chambon - great drives around mountains passes and lovely quiet villages - hardly any UK reg cars to be seen! Second was at small hamlet of St Julien des Chazes on the Allier just south of Langeac. Again great scenery and interesting places. Fairly quiet even in August - again hardly any UK reg cars to be seen! We had trip on the Train Touristique de Gorges de l'Allierwhich was great fun. We were staying with family friends and one of their ami's was the Chef du train so we got croissants in the cab and a driver's eye view of the track ! I'd recommend it for a  quiet getaway holiday. regards Andy
  8. hi Ac50 Will is right about what you can expect at the Ouistreham terminal - even at 7.30am on a Sunday. There are local taxi companies available - I've got this number on my phone and used them in the past - 02 31 97 39 41. Hope this helps. regards Andy
  9. I've found reading subtitles on 888 and listening simultaneously has helped my french a lot. ALos good for alte night viewing when everyone else is "au lit". However, they are not as common as on UK TV.
  10. hi Egger ........it's a device about the size of a box of kitchen matches that picks up a signal from a sensor above the Liber-t lane at autoroute peage stations and automatically raises the barrier and lets you through.You usually install them above the rear view mirror (altho' it may work from anywhere in the car). You can get them from any of the autoroute companies. I got mine from Sanef. Paid a 30euro deposit, costs 2euro a month to "rent" (altho' 1st 3 months are free) and you get billed for the toll charges incured. You don't need a french bank account or credit card as thye accept a UK debit card number for billing. Here's the link http://www.sanef.com/fr/ecommerce/particulier/index.jsp HTH Andy
  11. hi Laphroaig57, used mine for the first time at the weekend. First time thru held it above the rear view mirror (black dotted zone on Scenic's windscreen) - it bleeped okay then pulled over, peeled off the backing and pressed hard to the glass - and it's still there! The height limit is 2.0m - I would recommend you measure and then measure again the height of your car plus roof box. If you can get through a "normal" carte bleu lane which also has a 2.0m height limit fully boxed then you should be okay for the Liber-t lane. Worth it's weight (X10) in gold - queue where A28 joined A29 south bound was 20 plus cars long - no queue at all at the Liber-t lane - sailed right thru. Also returned home next day all alone and didn't have to reach across and out of the passenger window once - joy! Wish I'd invested years ago! Also used a SatNav toy for the first time and deliberately took some "wrong" turns - that worked a treat too (but that ought to be AN Other thread..) HTH Andy
  12. hi we had a thomson set for some time. very good quality picture, usual features like some and format control were easy to use AND it was PAL & SECAM compatible!! We have a simple Thomson VCR in France and this has always been relaible and gives a good picture. I beleive Thomson is a french owned company so if you ever need any after sales service it ought to be easy to contact them. HTH
  13. hi Poppy have you connected the aerial lead to the DVD recorder?( Apologies if you have already done this.) This may be the reason it can't tune into any channels as it isn't receiving a transmitted TV signal otherwise. The SCART is just allowing sound and vision to flow between TV and DVD recorder. Also, you ought to have an option to select the tuning system either by country or by a letter representing a country - think it's I for UK.... not sure but no doubt someone will correct me? HTH Andy
  14. hi, we are going to spend a week in St Julien des Chazes in August - meeting up with some family who live nearby so we didn't personally choose the place. Don't know much about this area so wondered if anyone else knows the area and can recommend places to go things to see etc. thanks in advance PS meant to say that St Julien des Chazes is in Haute Loire (43)....
  15. How long do you have to live in France before you know where everything is and the numbers of the departments? V.Good question Cathy.... my 81 y.o. French mother in law and life long resident of France still has to look up quite a few on a map. Mind you, she did spend the first 60 years of her life in Paris......... And my wife has even less idea where places are - again too long in Paris and now she would say too long in England! So it seems you will never know unless you have "Rain Man" like abilities. We have a Michelin poster style map on the wall by the PC with the dept nos. and main routes - think it was free with a rival publication to LF a few years back - very useful. regards
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